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Fitbit activity trackers are worn on the wrist like watches. When you perform a range of exercises, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, or working out in the gym, it automatically tracks your daily activity and records the information in a handy app that you can access on your phone. The two main categories are watches and trackers. While trackers like the Fitbit Charge 5 are smaller and more focused on monitoring and exercise, wearables like the Apple Watch also offer smartphone-compatible features like receiving text, call, and calendar notifications.

The specific features vary based on the model, but the majority of them can track your heart rate, the number of stairs you’ve climbed, and the number of steps you’ve taken. Fitbit devices also allow for manual trackings, such as entering your weight and daily water intake. Some Fitbit devices integrate smartwatch functionality with fitness capabilities, enabling you to receive call and text notifications on your wrist.

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How to select? | Need a FitBit

A user may want to take into account the following elements when looking for Fitbits:

  • Features: People will use a Fitbit for a variety of purposes, including heart rate monitoring and tracking sleep. Apps for mindfulness meditation and guided breathing exercises are more recent features. People should think about the primary purposes for their Fitbits and assess which characteristics of each model might best meet those purposes.
  • Cost: The price of a Fitbit model can vary greatly, from $79 to $299. When selecting the finest Fitbit for them, a person should take into account striking a balance between the features they require and their price range.
  • Battery life: Depending on how a person uses a device, the battery life will vary. Continuous GPS is one of the Fitbit features that can more quickly deplete the battery than others.

Need a FitBit

Benefits | Need a FitBit

  • It significantly increases your motivation

Trackers naturally encourage you to work out since they provide you with greater insight into your daily routine and let you make necessary adjustments. Still, Fitbit takes it a step further by including built-in motivational boosts. To help keep your steps top-of-mind and to better assist you in achieving your chosen goals, the tracker will send you to push alerts throughout the day (often once per hour).

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  • Easy To Use Even For Non-Technical People | Need a FitBit

Making products that are simple to use and intuitive has been Fitbit’s strong suit. Personally, I’m more likely to utilise the product consistently on a regular basis because of that feature. All your information from days ago is stored in the dashboard, which is simply accessible via a website or an app on your smartphone. Since it has Bluetooth, once you start the app, information immediately syncs, saving you from having to manually input it. Although the dashboard and app are free to use, Fitbit Premium, which measures food, stress, and other aspects of your health, is an upgrade option.

  • The free version of the Fitbit app is available here | Need a FitBit

When you purchase a Fitbit, you are automatically and completely free to download the Fitbit app. I’m continually amazed by the variety of incredible free insights provided by the app, which range from a study of your seven-day sleep history to your weekly step total. To make sure you meet your hydration and nutrition objectives, you can use the water and meal logging capabilities.

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Which Fitbit device would be best for me? | Need a FitBit

Fitbit offers a variety of gadgets for various applications, but the business has narrowed its selection to just a few key options. The most expensive gadgets are hybrid fitness trackers and smartwatches, including the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa. Other Fitbit devices like the Charge and Inspire series offer more streamlined fitness monitoring if you don’t need all those capabilities.

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