The premium subscription platform which creators can earn money while giving exclusive content to their fans. This app is widely known as a replacement for the patreon app but the FanFix app is making new path for creators to connect well with their audiences and get more monetarily support by them.

How does Fanfix work?

Creators on this app can create or post their inside scoop content like blogs, photos or videos and can even give a prior access to their new posts, conduct giveaways. They can also set their own subscription prices and fans on the other hand can get the subscription to access their unique releases to support their favourite ones growth. The users can also explore new creators which are either free or subscription based.

Is Fanfix Like Onlyfans? Fanfix Vs Onlyfans

When we talk about similarities then yes, fanfix have many of them similar to OnlyFans but the difference comes here that FanFix prohibits the sexual content unlike others. Another notable things is that the payout structure of FanFix differs in such a way that it takes few business days to release the payment of creators.

What Makes Fanfix the Popular Creator Marketplace?

FanFix offers a clean, accessible platform to both creators and the users itself. It is becoming popular marketplace in such a way:

Premium subscription plan: just like other plans FanFix also has an option in which creators can make money by creating set subscription price and tips from their followers.

Multiple medium: By bringing the app in koji’s App Store, the reach of the creators have increased.

Monetisation options: The money can easily get monetised by posting photos, videos, shorts, blogs etc.

How To Download Fanfix App?

For IOS AND ANDROID open app store / google play Search for FanFix app Download the app Once installed, sig in to create your account.


How To Delete Fanfix Account / Cancel Membership?

If you want to delete the account then you will have to contact with description of request and account information. The process will undertake after 10days after the request sent and it will take up to 45 days until then you will lose all your subscriptions and your content would no longer be visible to any user. You can cancel your subscription at any given point of time of your followed creator or all of them through the account settings. The cancellation process will be initiated in 15 business days.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) For Fanfix:-

1. What is fanfiction (fanfic)?

A. Fanfiction, or fanfic, refers to fictional stories, essays, or works of art created by fans of a particular media franchise, such as a book, movie, TV series, or video game. These works are often based on characters or settings from the original source material.

2. Is fanfiction legal?

A. Fanfiction operates in a legal gray area. While it involves derivative works based on copyrighted material, it’s generally tolerated by copyright holders as long as it’s not used for commercial purposes. However, it’s essential to respect any specific guidelines or policies provided by the copyright holders.

3. Where can I find fanfiction?

A. Fanfiction can be found on various websites and platforms dedicated to hosting fan-created content. Some popular sites for fanfiction include Archive of Our Own (AO3),, and Wattpad.

4. Can anyone write fanfiction?

A. Yes, anyone can write fanfiction as long as they have a passion for a particular fandom or source material. It’s a creative outlet that welcomes writers of all skill levels.

5. What are “ships” in fanfiction?

A. In fanfiction, “ships” refer to relationships or pairings of characters from the original source material that fans imagine having romantic or platonic connections. For example, “shipping” two characters means portraying them as a couple in a fanfic.

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6. Are there any rules or guidelines for writing fanfiction?

A. While there are no strict rules for writing fanfiction, it’s considered good etiquette to respect the original source material and provide appropriate disclaimers. Additionally, some communities or websites may have specific content guidelines.

7. Do fanfiction writers make money from their work?

A. Generally, fanfiction writers do not make money from their fanfic works because they involve copyrighted characters and settings. However, some writers may choose to write original fiction or receive commissions for their writing.

8. Are there any legal issues with fanfiction?

A. Fanfiction exists in a legal gray area. Copyright holders often tolerate it as long as it remains non-commercial and doesn’t harm the reputation of the original work. However, copyright laws can vary by country, so it’s essential to be aware of local regulations.

9. Can fanfiction be published as a book?

A. In some cases, fanfiction has been adapted into original works and published as books. However, this usually involves significant changes to the characters and setting to avoid copyright infringement.

10. Is there a community for fanfiction writers and readers?

A. Yes, there is a vibrant online community of fanfiction writers and readers. Many websites and forums allow fans to discuss, share, and provide feedback on fanfic stories.

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