This is one of the best food that will help you live through winter comfortably. However, you should avoid much salt, beef soup, and cream to get the most out of this meal. A hot bowl of soup with chicken broth and some vegetables will leave you rejuvenated.


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Fresh And Dried Fruits

Papaya and pineapple are believed to provide warmth. Amla is loaded with Vitamin C, and is very good to step up your immunity. That's the reason why 'amla juice' and 'amla muraba' are available in plenty during winter.


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Herbs And Seeds

Tulsi is a herb that protects against colds and fever and helps strengthen immunity. Ginger, (fresh and dry varieties) is very warming. Sliced ginger with lime and salt is a common accompaniment with meals, while ginger can be added to tea, dals and vegetables.


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Leafy greens

Spinach,kale,chard ,lettuce are a good source of beta-carotene and Vitamin C - both powerful antioxidants that help fight disease and build immunity. Others in this category are coriander, celery, radish greens, etc.

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Yogurt is an excellent probiotic and balances the gut microbiota. A healthy gut depicts healthy winter. Protein, calcium, and vitamin D are found in good amounts.

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The secret to remaining energized until lunchtime is taking a healthy slow-release breakfast such as porridge. You can be creative with this morning meal by adding toppings such as seeds and nuts. Moreover, some winter fruits such as dates and apples can increase the health benefits of this meal.

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Root Vegetables

Finding fresh vegetables during winter can be a daunting task. However, root vegetables such as turnips, and carrots can be readily available. This is because they can withstand the cold weather.


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 Even though we often crave for pizzas, pastas, it’s better to eat them once in a while as they will not help in keeping our body warm and will only have a temporary effect since simple carbohydrates digest quickly.


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Bananas are  the best option. Bananas being a good source of magnesium helps in regulating the body temperature. Kids can be given bananas or dip the same in homemade peanut butter.


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