Too much caffeine

People who suffer from anxiety can end up worsening their day by caffeine intake, especially because it makes your heartbeat rise and that’s one of the physical symptoms of a full-blown panic attack.


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Skipping workouts

It is important to realize what exercise can do for you if you have a lifestyle that demands you to be sedentary for long periods of time.


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Spending too much time on social media

We may or may not like it, but we can all accept that it is tough to ignore social media. Logging into it, scrolling through our news feed, and posting something of our own has become a part of our daily routines just as much as the essential act of eating.


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Skipping meals

Many of us have extremely hectic lifestyles and more often than not, we end up skipping meals to make time to complete the tasks for the day. However, this makes your blood sugar levels drop, which will end up making you feel more irritable and anxious.


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You’re dehydrated

When you’re dehydrated, you tend to feel light-headed with an increased heart rate which only makes you more prone to anxiety.


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Drinking a little too much alcohol

While some people who experience anxiety can end up using alcohol to numb it, the truth is that it will only add to their anxiety woes in the long run.


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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is one of the most important tools for coping with stress, so when you allow yourself to be kept awake, you make it much more likely for stress to affect you later.


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