Five Traya Products That Can Help In Preventing White Hair

Premature greying of hair is a nightmare for many people. Being female or male, waking up to a reflection in the mirror that had silvery streaks on the head is not a pretty sight for anybody. Even a single bright grey hair peeking out from a scalp of the lustrous black hair is embarrassing for many. Although greying hair is a natural phenomenon in old age, one must worry when the symptoms appear too early. While there are multiple reasons related to the greying of hair, one particular cause is the ageing of the scalp. Similar to how the skin and body undergo the aging process, your scalp ages too.How topreventwhitehair remains a question frequently asked despite the availability of innumerable products in the market to treat the same. Preventing White Hair

Preventing White Hair

In this article, we will deal with this question adeptly and let the users knowhowtopreventwhitehairwith the help of Five unique Traya products.

What are the probable causes of greying of hair?

  • Increase in the hair pigment eumelanin
  • A deficiency of vitamin B12
  • Decreased collagen levels
  • Poor blood circulation to the scalp
  • Some problems in the functioning of kidney or liver
  • Lack of required nutrient supply
  • Not maintenance of proper hygiene like dandruff or unhealthy scalp due to improper or irregular washing or application of too much oil
  • Any illness or disease that affects the hair like PCOS, cancer, etc
  • Aging of the scalp
  • Taking too much stress

Top 5 Best Hair Products For Indian Hair To Try

Traya products that can keep greying of hair at bay

  1. Traya Hair Ras: Traya Hair Ras is made from a blend of multiple herbs that help increase blood flow to the hair follicles and promote hair growth. It has effective herbs that contribute to the health of hair and body alike. This is also very effective in upping the iron levels and maintaining the proper hormonal levels. These ultimately lead to a delay in greying of hair. This is available in the form of tablets. Preventing White Hair
  2. Traya Hair Root Serum:This is very effective in reversing the effects of DHT on hair by rejuvenating and repairing hair root cells and reversing the premature greying of hair follicles Preventing White Hair
  3. Traya Hair Vitamin: This has a combination of minerals and vitamins that boost your hair health. The pumpkin seed extract that it contains works as an effective DHT blocker. It is also helpful in reducing iron deficiencies. Preventing White Hair
  4. Traya Health Tatva:Traya Health Tatva is a detoxifying Ayurveda formula that has been designed to boost the body’s metabolism. This hair donates to better hair growth and also enhances energy levels. In addition, this keeps greying of hair at bay. Preventing White Hair
  5. Traya Herbal Hair Oil: This is useful in soothing the scalp by reducing scalp heat. This is one of the best herbal products and an effective antidote to stress and thus delays greying of hair. Preventing White Hair


I hope this article has sufficiently discussed the unique Traya products andhowtopreventwhitehair. However, it is advisable to contact your dermatologist to choose the right product for your hair.

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