Best Hair Serums

In this modern era, no one has time to oil or apply a hair mask on our hairs. Our mother has beautiful long hairs because they used to oil their hairs thrice a week. As we are no able to do the same, we need extra help for good hair. Here hair serum comes into role. But hair serum is very underrated. There are many hair serums are available in the market which makes our hair soft and provides hydration and much-needed life.

Below mentioned are some best hair serums that are available. You can find the one that suits you. Best Hair Serums

1. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Split-end Bandage Leave-in Treatment For Distressed, Damaged Hair:


Garnier Fructis damage eraser split-end bandage leave-in treatment works great for damaged hairs. It takes care of your split ends very well. The leave-in treatment will rectify all the damaged hairs. This product makes your hair less frizzy, without making it greasy or sticky. This 125ml bottle of the product costs you RS.21980. Best Hair Serums

2. Kreelax Hair Serum With Moroccan Argan:


Kreelax hair serum with Moroccan argan is formulated with essential oils. This hair serum helps you to provide nourishment to your hair. The Moroccan argan oil in it eliminates the frizz from your hair. This hair serum is suitable for all hair types. You just need to apply this serum on dry and damp hair and let it do its works. The bottle of 100ml will cost you RS399. Best Hair Serums

3. L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum:


L’Oréal Paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum is the most affordable. The smooth intense serum is a great product. The serum smoothens your hair provides your hair a different texture as soon as you apply it. This serum works great for dry ha type as it makes your hair softer for longer terms. This product costs you RS 175 for 100ml. Best Hair Serums

4. Streax Hair Serum:


Streax hair serum is enriched with walnut oil. This serum has been popular from many years. This serum was the first to launch in the market. The product is very affordable. This serum helps you to softens your rough strands and prevents your hairs from frizz.This product is for RS140. Best Hair Serums

5. Livon Serum:


Livon serum is a star product in solving the fizz issues for Indian hairs. The product has a really strong and distinctive fragrance that lasts throughout that attracts the people most. People who don’t like strong fragrances should avoid this otherwise this product is great to use.The product is for RS 188.

6. StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Serum-Nourishing and Frizz Control Serum:


StBotanica Moroccan Argan hair serum-nourishing and frizz control serum can be used as a detangler, conditioner, heat protectant, styling, and finishing product. This multi-tasking product is from American brand St Botanica. The serum is suitable for all skin types. Also, this product has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. It costs you RS 480 for 100ml of product which is good as it promises so many things. Best Hair Serums

7. WOW, 10 in 1 Miracle Hair Revitalizer Mist Spray: Best Hair Serums


WOW, 10 in 1 miracle hair revitalizer mist spray has 579 reviews and 4 stars on Amazon. Wow is a new brand in beauty and skincare. You can check out the ten ways it makes your hair gorgeous. The ways include root to tip frizz taming, stronger roots, less spilled ends, reduction of dandruff, improved texture, protection from hair breakage, improved lipid barrier, hair fall control, higher luster, and provide intense hydration. The MRP of this wow 10 in 1 hair mist spray is RS 499.

8. Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum for Falling Hair Intensive Hair Growth Treatment:


Biotique Bio mountain ebony vitalizing serum for falling hair intensive hair growth treatment is one of the latest launches from the brand. The product is a 100% ayurvedic recipe. The serum has a lightweight formula and can be applied directly to the scalp for controlling the hair fall. The serum doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the head as it has a watery consistency. This serum soothes and cools your scalp. The serum has a beautiful soft fragrance.

9. Matrix Biolage 6in 1 Smooth Proof Deep Smoothing Serum:


Matrix Biolage 6in 1 smooth proof deep smoothing serum also has a loyal following like others. The serum is effective, and it has been around for a while. The serum is suitable for fir all the hair types. But the serum has a little heavy consistency. The product has neutral fragrance and works as a great quick fix product. The products cost you RS295.

10. Pantene Oil Replacement: Best Hair Serums


Pantene Oil Replacement is two in one product that works as a serum and leave-in treatment. The oil replacement provides your hair nourishment. You can see the difference and effect on your hair by just after applying it. It has a creamy formula that is nonsticky and non-greasy. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and is easy to apply. You use the product before combing, blow-drying, sun, and saltwater exposure. The cost is quite affordable that is RS120.

11. The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum:


The Body Shop grapeseed hair serum is a godsend that gives you envy-worthy locks in no time. Nowadays, we all are dependent on hair styling products which are harmful for our hairs. They can make our hair frizzy and dry if used for a longer period. That is why it is important to invest in a good hair serum that protects your hair from damage and provides nourishment to them. This product is a great option for the same. The only downside of this product is it is slightly costly that is it costs you RS942. Best Hair Serums

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12. Streax Pro Hair Serum Vita Gloss:


Streax Pro hair serum vita gloss is the best hair serum for dry hairs in India. This product is the most sought-after hair product in the market by streax. The serum is suitable for all hair types. The formula of the serum is also lightweight which prevents hair from weighing down. The serum is nongreasy and non-sticky. The list doesn’t end here, the product also gives you frizz-free locks all day long. The price of the product is also supremely affordable that is RS 178.

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13. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complex Serum: Best Hair Serums


Kerastase elixir ultime oleo complex serum is a product that is absolutely loved and swear by. The serum is enriched with four precious oil that are maize oil, argan oil, camellia oil, pracaxi oil. The product provides moisture to your hair with taming dryness and fizziness of the hair. Thought the product is pricy but it is the best product for frizzy hairs. The cost is RS 3950. Best Hair Serums

14. Schwarzkopf Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum:


Schwarzkopf Osis magic anti-frizz shine serum provides lots of nourishment to your hair that it lacked. The product also makes your hair easily tamable. Its anti-frizz formula combats flyaway and leaves a deep conditioned hair which is smoother and glossier. The product is available at RS694. Best Hair Serums

15. John Frieda Frizz Ease Red Original Serum:


John Frieda frizz ease red original serum is a great option and a life savior for the women for with unruly hairs who doesn’t stay in place. As the product tame your hair in no time. The serum is formulated with silk protein, algae extracts. The serum provides protection from frizz even in humid weather. It also provides locks that are healthy, smooth and lustrous. The MRP is RS1295 for this amazing product. Best Hair Serums

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