Yoga Poses for immune system boosting

Yoga delivers a holistic uplifting direction to your body and does extraordinary in reducing stress levels, which is one of the major reasons for a weak immune system. There are several yoga poses that maintain and support your immune system. By regularly performing these yoga poses you will surely manage to keep diseases aside. Below are the Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immune System.

Yoga Poses for immune system boosting

A weak body, bad resistance, and an unhealthy defence mechanism keep you low and eliminated from a healthy lifestyle. Being in bed all day and away from work is irritating, and all that you want for is to get through a few days without any health problems. In such a case, a normal immunity booster is the best, and these 7 yoga poses will get you back on route. Go over on to find out how. Yoga Boost Immune System

Yoga Poses

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These yoga poses are definitely going to boost your immune system, so try to perform them all.

  1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose also known as TADASANA is the main position from which all the other asanas are formed. You know it is called the ‘mother’ of all yoga poses and postures. This basic pose can be performed at any time in the day and should be held for approximately 10-20 seconds. Make sure you perform this empty stomach if you are following up Tadasana with other postures.

How can it Benefit you: it restores balance and controls the digestive system. It steadies your breathing, enhances insight, makes you calm, and boosts blood circulation. Tadasana removes dullness and keeps you rejuvenated. It strengthens your energy and brings coordination between your body and mind.

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  1. Tree Pose

‘Vrikshasana’ – the tree pose is called so because it symbolizes the stable and balanced posture of a tree. It is advised to do this beginner level Yoga pose in the morning with an empty stomach and a fresh mind, but if you feel like doing this pose during a mid-afternoon office break or before dinner, discover the time that serves best for you. Maintain balance, hold it for a minute on each leg while inhaling and exhale deeply. Yoga Boost Immune System

How will this benefit you: Vrikshasana enhances your spine and reliefs nerve-muscle coordination. It improves your mental health and keeps you regular. It invigorates your entire body by stretching it, increasing your stamina and keeping you concentrated. It improves your self-confidence and calms down the nervous system.

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  1. Big Toe Pose

Padangusthasana, also called Big Toe Pose, benefits to tighten your muscles in the back of your legs, your backbone, and for the sure neck. Try this basic level of pose for a minimum 30 seconds early in the morning on an empty belly. You can even try it in the evening after the gap of 2-3 hours from your last meal.

How will this Benefit you: Padangusthasana is soothing to the brain as it reduces anxiety and stress. It nurtures the digestive system, which can improve digestion. This yoga benefits your liver and kidneys as they receive more blood flow, resulting in energy. By relieving tension in the nervous system, Padangusthasana keeps insomnia away and may benefit you to sleep calmly at night.

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  1. Triangle Pose

Trikonasana, also named Triangle Pose, is called so because it forms a triangle. This is undoubtedly one of the best yoga poses that boosts the immune system. Try to hold this beginner level yoga pose for 30 seconds or till five to ten deep breaths. It is advised to do this asana in the morning. Why? because you are energetic, and the food you eat is digested fully. But, like with the other poses, choose what time suits best for you – keeping in mind that you should do the exercise 2-3 hours before or after a meal. Yoga Boost Immune System

How will this benefit you: this yoga can enhance circulation in your body. It may stop indigestion too, lower blood pressure, and increase balance and concentration. It soothes your mind and reduces anxiety.

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  1. Chair Pose

Utkatasana, also called Chair Pose, is like sitting on a chair – like a squat, it’s a little challenging as you don’t use any chair. To earn the heftiest advantage from Utkatasana, hold the posture for 30-60 seconds or till 5-10 deep breaths.

How will this Benefit you: it improves your strength, power, and balance. It boosts your heart and massages the abdominal parts as you engage your core. Want to stay active and energetic? perform Utkatasana daily.

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  1. Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana, also known as Cobra Pose, resembles a bridge . This yoga is a part of the Surya Namaskar exercise. You have to hold this basic Yoga pose for 15-30 seconds or 5-10 breaths.

How will this Benefit you: Bhujangasana improves your digestive system and blood circulation. It clears up your heart and lungs, working to reduce stress. It even enhances the flexibility of your backbone, improves your mood, facilitates your core, and increases your stamina, strength and energy.

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  1. Fish Pose

Matsyasana, also named as Fish Pose, establishes some sense into your body when it tends to go out of control, almost like how Lord Vishnu carried the Matsya avatar to take out all the bad from the world. Exactly like other postures, hold this Yoga pose for 15-30 seconds or till five deep breaths. Yoga Boost Immune System.

How will this Benefit you: it facilitates your digestion and core. It can reduce pressure in the shoulders and neck. It may also help to control your breathing and enable the parathyroid gland. The fish pose gives your digestive system a good massage and keeps all kinds of anxiety, constipation, and fatigue at the corner.

These yoga poses offer so many benefits that affect your immune system for the better. A strong immune system makes you fit. Yoga will surely keep all the infections away by making your immune system stronger. The key focus should be on performing yoga poses by your breath, keep inhaling and exhaling that is the main element.

All the best! Try these yoga poses for a better and healthier lifestyle. Keep your mind positive and fresh.

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