People often find themselves stuck in the dilemma that is dieting enough? Should they exercise as well as diet? Will they still lose weight, if they don’t do any physical activity? Which is more important, exercise or diet? If any of those questions are revolving around in your mind as well, you may want to continue reading. Belly Fat Exercises are the best to lose belly fat in a week.

The hidden truth is exercise and diet go hand in hand, though maintaining a healthy diet should be the priority but physical movement and exercise should not be left behind. The point being, you may reduce your calorie intake and lose weight, but you also need to burn a few calories and maintain that lost weight.

Belly Fat Exercises


It is found that people who exercise regularly tend to be more healthy and fit than people who don’t. Also, exercise has a huge pool of options like yoga, swimming, weight training, interval training, running, etc. you can be as creative as you want and develop a routine that is both interesting and beneficial.

Exercises for men and women

Also, there lies a myth that men and women should do different types of exercise. There is nothing that men can and women can’t. The only thing is, because of the difference in anatomies, the results of the same exercise on both the sexes may differ. Meaning, women tend to gain muscle slower than men so, they should not compare their progress based on the same fact. On the other hand, women are more flexible than men, so men may have to put a little more effort into activities like yoga than women. It all comes to the result and the effect. Belly Fat Exercises

Before knowing about belly fat exercises for men and women, it is important to know what causes belly fat in the first place. The main cause of belly fat is the energy imbalance when you eat more and burn less that is when fat gets accumulated around your belly. Belly fat is seen in people who tend to sit in one place for hours and don’t exercise. It is very important to burn the calories that you intake, to involve some physical activity in your day and keep a check on what you eat, to control your belly fat. Belly Fat Exercises

// Here are a few belly fat exercises for men and women:

  • Running | Belly Fat Exercises

The weight loss game relies on the rule of calorie deficit i.e. the difference between the calorie intake and the burnt calories. Running is an effective way to burn a few calories. While running, you lose fat all over your body and eventually the fat around your belly will shed as well. Running is a type of aerobic exercise, it helps in maintaining both physical and mental health. Belly Fat Exercises

There are many advantages to running like it increases metabolism, helps reduce stress, boosts confidence, helps combat depression, boosts fitness, etc.

  • Plank | Belly Fat Exercises

Plank is a type of exercise that engages the core muscles and helps shape the waistline. Practicing plank exercise improves your posture, make your back stronger, strengthen the core muscles, increases metabolism, improves flexibility and the coordination between mind and body. Belly Fat Exercises

How to do:

Lie down with your forearms on the mat, and your elbows directly under your shoulders. Rise up on your toes spread at a distance proportional to your hips. Your body should be a few inches above the floor, with your face bent down. Breathe normally, and hold the positional for at least 10 seconds and then gently lower your body back to the mat. Belly Fat Exercises

Don’t stress your body too much during the plank. It’s ok to not be able to hold the position for long. Start with a few seconds and you will soon reach a few minutes in a matter of days.

  • Crunches | Belly Fat Exercises

Crunches are the most popular exercises for belly fat reduction. This exercise engages the core and the sides which further leads to inch loss.

How to do:

Lie down on the mat with your legs bent a little towards your hips. Clasp your hands behind your head and lift it up a little, in a way that your ribs touch your belly button. Hold the position for a second and then put your head back down gently.

Repeat this exercise 5-10 times, 2 reps. Do not rush the process because you don’t want to jerk a muscle or two.

  • Lunges | Belly Fat Exercises

Lunges are an easy and highly effective exercise. They help in toning muscles and strengthening the lower body. In a way or the other, when you are losing fat all over your body, your belly fat sheds on its own.

Belly Fat Exercises

How to do:

Stand straight with hands on your waist, then bend one knee while the other is on the mat backward, it’s a position that you can also define as one when you are tying a shoelace. It’s an easy exercise from a beginner’s point of view.

  • Squats | Belly Fat Exercises

Squats, as we all know, are a boon for our behinds. It is a type of strength exercise, for your glutes, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. It helps you reduce your belly fat, along with fat in other regions.

How to do:

Stand tall with your hands raised parallel to the ground, now bend your body in a way that your hips are just a few inches above your knees, then raise back up slowly. Keep your back straight at all times. If you feel like you are not able to balance yourself at first. Hold a bench or anything so that your hands are not hanging in the air anymore. This provides enough balance to perform the exercise.

Start by 10 squats, 2 reps and increase as your body allows.

  • Bicycle exercise | Belly Fat Exercises

This again is a core engaging exercise that does wonders for your abdomen and lower body, along with back. It works wonders in increasing abdominal strength and decreasing fat accumulation.

How to do:

Lay flat on your back with legs placed closer together. Take a deep breath and lift your legs up and rotate them as if you are pedaling a bicycle. The duration of this exercise totally depends on your endurance. Feel a little burn in your core? Place your legs back down on the mat gently. While performing this exercise hands should be placed on the side of your body, with head raised a little in order to provide that extra stretch to your abdomen.

  • Sit-ups | Belly Fat Exercises

Sit-ups help tone the abdominal muscles. They are somewhat similar to crunches, just involve a little more movement and muscle engagement.

How to do:

Lay on the mat with straight back and legs bent at the knees. Place your hands in a criss-cross way on your shoulders and then lift your upper body towards your knees and then lay back down. Don’t forget to breathe properly during the exercise and do not go very fast as you can pull a muscle in your back that can prove to be very painful.

Repeat this exercise 5-10 times, 2 reps.

Just keep in mind to warm up before performing any exercise as cold muscles tend to sore.

Just follow these simple exercises for belly fat along with a healthy diet and you will get that amazing looking toned belly in no time.

Now people who don’t want to or can’t exercise, don’t worry. We got you covered as well. Check out the Top Winter Foods, Low Carb Diet Plans and Keto Diet plan to help you fight the battle for weight loss, without moving a muscle.

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