Best Bath Tub For Baby

In the modern era, babies get their scrub in the kitchen sink. Plastic or foam tubs give parents an appropriate spot to prop soft new-borns and keep the older babies more interested. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The bath time is little complicated while been delightful as a good tub can make it easier for the parents. Best Bath Tub For Baby

Best Bath Tub For Baby

Do you need a baby bathtub?

A baby tub is best to set on top of the kitchen counter for the bath time which prevent from bending down over the bath tub that is hard for women recovering from the delivery. There is still an option of kitchen sink but the baby tub will be helpful for safety and support of the new-born. Best Bath Tub For Baby

Best Bath Tub For Baby

How long to use a baby bathtub?

Bathtub has their own age range but the baby will starts sitting on his after six months. After this the it is the best time to upgrade to the big bath tub but its your own choice some parents continue to use the basin tubs. Many of the bath tub has non-slip surface which leave sufficiently of the space for the other items like toys and washcloth. Best Bath Tub For Baby

Baby bathtubs are of two types:

  • Sink inserts:

They are padded inserts which rest inside the sink that turns into a mini baby bath.

  • Flexible and mold to fit the kitchen or bathroom sink.
  • Caregiver stands at the sink securely.
  • Hangs handily that is great for limited storage space.
  • Expands after 4-6 months.

  • Basin tubs:

They are standalone baby bathtubs.

  • Good for regular bathroom tubs, on the counters, tables or outside use.
  • Most of the bathtubs have new-born friendly option that can be removed which allows the tub to last.
  • Collapse for easier storage.

// List Of Best Bath Tub For Baby Are :-

  1. Puj bathtub:

Puj baht tub is the space saving bath tub with unique looking sink insert. This tub is best for the families who loves to travel and lives in the small spaces. The tub imitates on the sink and cradles baby for baby time. It can be hanged flat when not is use. the travel version of this puj bathtub is puj flyte. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The tub is not long lasting and after the babies start to sit up, they will outgrow of it. Make sure the measure of the sink before buying this bathtub.

Child guidelines: birth to 6 months old

Sink measurement; fits the sink with depth 6.5 -9” and the width is 12 -15”

Dimensions: 25.2” *26.4” *0.8”

2. Boon naked collapsible bathtub:

Boon naked collapsible bathtub is unlike other basin-style baby bathtub as its downfalls on one end which creates a recline for bathing new born and when the baby sits in the bath the tub can expands back down to transition easily. This tub can be used on the top of the kitchen counter or in the bath for easy fill up which looks elegant and sleek. It has slipped resistant base and a drain plug. The tub can be used well into toddlerhood which makes it long lasting investment. The tub collapses flat during the bath time and can be hanged. Best Bath Tub For Baby

Parents of baby’s advice to use a sponge insert which prevents the little one from slipping down the sides of this tub.

Child guidelines: birth to 2 years old

Dimension:18.25” *33” *6.5”

3. Skip hop moby bathtub with sling:

Skip hop moby bathtub with sling is the grow-with baby bathtub. It has long shelf life and mesh sling insert which can be used from day one. The tub can be locked in two position; one for cradle new born and another supports the older babies with sitting. You can remove the sling when the baby can sit up on their own and the non-stick interior helps to keep the baby straight. Best Bath Tub For Baby

To hang the tub for drying, a swivel hook is present behind the whale’s tail.

Child guidelines: birth and up to 25 lbs

Dimensions: 27.5” *19” *11.5”.

4. Blooming bath blooming bath lotus baby bath:

Blooming bath blooming bath lotus baby bath is soft and cute bath tub which is with sink insert. The tub is shaped like a flower, the petals helps to fit in different sized sinks and the soft towel-like texture keeps the grip on the baby and avoid sliding. The tub can be hung to dry and it is machine washed and dried. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The babies who can sit unassisted are too big for this tub. Some parents found the blooming bath heavyweight and difficult to squeeze out when wet.

Child guidelines: birth to 6 months old.

Sink measurement: fits with any sink size

Dimension: 13.2” *4.5” *13.2”.

5. Angelcare baby bath support:

Angelcare baby bath support is most safe and supportive bath tub. This is the hybrid of the bath tub and baht seat that is 2 in 1. With this tub the baby gets safe and easier bath. The seat provides support to the baby in the comfortable reclined position in tub or in the sink. The soft mesh present in the tub is gentle on the baby and features drain holes which easily drain the soapy water. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The mesh is mildew resistant, so there is no worry of icky mold build-up.

Child guidelines: birth to 6 months that weighs 20 lbs

Dimensions: 22” *13.5” *8.8”

6. Munchkin sit and soak tub:

Munchkin sit and soak tub is designed to keep the babies in upright position during the bath. This pint-sized tub keeps the baby safe and secure. Built- in support bump which a padded backrest and handles for easy hanging, can be used a standalone tub or in the regular tub or the sink is featured by the sit and soak. There is option of filling the water level up higher than many baby bathtubs which keeps the baby warm and he feels secure. Best Bath Tub For Baby

It is recommended for the babies who can sit up a bit more on their own although this tub can work for new born.

Child guidelines: birth to 12 months

Dimensions: 25” *16.25” *15”

Top 10 Best Baby Care Products

7. PRIMO EuroBath:

PRIMO EuroBath is a basin bathtub with extra room. This tub is extra large as compared to the other top tub picks. There are two positions to support the baby and clean baby from birth to 2 years. The bathtub is one of the longest lasting baby bathtubs. This is an ideal choice for the people with only showers in their houses. The reclining position of the tub keeps the new born babies steady and cradled. The baby stopper between the legs to prevent older and more babies from slipping is present in unique sitting position. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The storage of this tub is not easy as it is quite big tub. For small babies the tub is large and slippery.

Child guidelines: birth to 2 years old

Dimension: 36” *21” *10”

8. OXO tot splash and store bath tub:

OXO tot splash and store bath tub is for baby to toddlers. The tub is safe and supportive. It is designed to grow with the baby from new born days to 18 months. It has two sides; one is angled side for younger babies and for older babies more vertical side. The tub has sturdy supportive legs. Also, it empties quickly through two-sided drain. It can be easily hanged in the bathroom and folds compactly. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The tub is bit bulky. Like many folding tubs on this list, this tubs also not support for new-born isn’t perfect. In early week, you can use the towel laying down to support the new born and prevent them from sliding down. Best Bath Tub For Baby

Child guidelines: birth to 18 months

Dimensions: 30.5” *18” *4.8”

9. Stoke flexi bath with new-born support:

Stoke flexi bath with new-born support is a tub that folds flat. This flexi bath tub is brilliant space saving option for close quarters. It folds flat completely which makes it easy to store and take it anywhere that means it is travel friendly also. Removable new born support and heat-sensitive drain plug are present in this tub. The heat-sensitive drain plug turns the colours when the water is too hot. Parents love the high sides that work well for the bathing older kids. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The new born insert doesn’t offer the much support as they do.

Child guidelines: birth to 4 years old

Dimensions: 26” *9.4” *15.4”

10. Summer my bath seat:

Summer my bath seat is great for older babies. The babies transitioning to the regular tub should consider this bath seat. The tub provides safe spot in the bath and free your hands for the scrubbing. But still the tub is very slipper. The tub has three strong arms for 360o which provides the support and high backrest. The backrest and arms provide the safety and security to the baby. The stability of the seat is maintained because of the suction cups on each arm which also makes it easy to remove it. Best Bath Tub For Baby

The seat is still not the safety device even though it helps the baby to stay straight. You shouldn’t leave the room during the bath time as it is important to keep an eye on the baby all the time.

Child guidelines: 5 to 20 months.

Dimensions: 16.8” *16” *9.5”

11. Munchkin white hot inflatable duck tub:

Munchkin white hot inflatable duck tub is very travel friendly. This bathtub can be inflatable tub which works as comfortable spot to hold a busy baby. And this tub uses less water then the big tube that needed to be filled every night. Temperature sensor is present at the bottom of this tub that show “hot” when the temperature is high. The bathtub is inexpensive. It is travel friendly because it can be deflated and fold up. It is not a good option fort he new born baby because it has flat bottom and high walls. Best Bath Tub For Baby

Child guidelines: 6 to 24 months.

Dimensions: 9.2” *3” *7.5” deflated and inflated 31” *19” *19”.

How to choose the right baby bathtub?

It depends on where you want to wash your baby. If you want to do it at the kitchen sink or you have space something bigger. If you need the something to hang neatly or if you want something high tech or travel friendly. You can choose the perfect for your baby from the above list.

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