How To Train Your Brain To Crave The Gym

There are basically two kinds of people in the world when it comes to working out early in the morning. Some people have got that magical energy! They just get out of the bed, get in their workout clothes and hit the road for a long morning jog. Where on the other end, there are some people who find it really difficult to get out of their comfy beds and keep snoozing the alarm. Best Tips to train your mind to crave the gym.

Well, every morning when you wake up, you have two choices for yourself; either you make up your mind and go for that workout or you keep procrastinating it again and again. It’s easier said than done of course. But if you train your brain right way, then you can include yourself in the category of those energetic people.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle contains both, eating healthy and exercise. As you go through the process of keeping this workout and healthy routine alive, you’ll find yourself in a better position, both physically and emotionally. Working out in morning can make your day a lot better than you can imagine. It gives you the energy push you need to survive throughout the day. It keeps your mind active and concentrated too.

How to train your brain to crave the gym: it’s simpler than you think (and totally doable)

So now the question is, how do we gather that will to get out of our blankets and wear those running shoes? Here are some tips you can adapt in your life to make it easier to exercise more and regularly.Best Tips to train your mind to crave the gym.

1.Make it a habit:

We all know that workout is good for our body and brain both. It reduces our stress level and gives us fresh energy. Many people take medication to reduce the stress they have in life. But if you could just make exercise your habit and do it every day just like you take your medication; it will make a huge difference in your life. We may not believe it but workouts are addictive. After a period of time, working out will give you pleasure of that freshness and fitness that you’ll go back for exercise again and again. Once our mind understands that it’s beneficial for us, it will make your body get up and go for the exercise every single day. At first, you’ll find it really difficult to exercise and your body will ache a lot. But once it becomes a routine, you will not be able to start your day without it! So train your mind to make your workout a habit and see the difference.

2.Discipline is the key:

We often find ourselves saying that “today I’m not feeling motivated to go and exercise”. Well, we should realise that motivation is a myth when it comes to routine. One day you’re scrolling your Instagram and you see a fitness icon with a great body. You feel instant rush in your body to go and workout after seeing that picture. But a few minutes later it disappears into the thin air. This is how motivation works. It is not a wrong thing to get motivated by a great fitness fanatic. But with that motivation, discipline should be aligned. In our daily lives, we get up, brush our teeth, take a bath, walk our dog and eat breakfast. These chores have becomes so normal in our lives that many a times we don’t even realise that we’re practising it. If you include exercising in these chores you do daily, then it won’t be hard at all to workout. Adapting this discipline with a bit of motivation will boost your energy to exercise and lead a better life.

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3.Treat yourself:

We understand that exercising comes with a lot of pain and a lot of will to continue it. And this is the time when our mind needs some little tricks to keep going. If you find it difficult to workout regularly, then this tip will help you a lot. In this tip, you should tell yourself that “if I workout 5 days in this week, I will treat myself with an ice cream”. Treating yourself with something that you really love will give you motivation to keep going. You’ll have something to look forward to at the end of that never ending workout routine.

4.Make friends at your workout place:

It’s really important for any person to enjoy the workout. And to enjoy the workout, it’s necessary to have a good environment around yourself. Whether you’re going to a nearby park or a gym for exercise, grab a chance to make friends. Or you can simply join a training class with your best friend or your partner. Make it look like a social gathering, just as you go out to meet your friends or for a party. Make it your little workout party. Set some goals in your circle and then celebrate it together when you all achieve that. This way it will keep your brain motivated to workout and go to gym everyday. Best Tips to train your mind to crave the gym.

5.Set goals:

Before your start working out, setting a goal is really important. Setting some goals will not only keep you motivated, but it will give you happiness and sense of achievement when you complete it. Make one long term goal for a long future and some short term goals that you can achieve every week or every month. For example, tell yourself that you need to lose 5 kgs before your cousin’s wedding or that you need to make those remaining 2 abs before summer. It is important to note that setting too unrealistic goals in a short span of time will make it impossible to achieve them. And eventually you’ll get disappointed by not achieving them in the determined time. Set some small goals in short time and work for that. If you’re happy with the achievements, then you can take a further step and push yourself for the bigger goals. This will keep you going for exercise. You’ll find yourself working out everyday to achieve that goal you have set.

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