Queen of fitness and her diet plan

Fitness these days means a flatter tummy and being skinny, but it is all about flexibility and having a better body metabolism, says Mrs. Shilpa Shetty. A balanced diet and being healthy is about having a complete meal at proper intervals and exercising regularly. She is successful in her career and has always been upbeat, both in person and in life. She has not only gained knowledge of a healthy diet but has also shared it with the common people by publishing two books on a balanced diet and healthy living. Queen of fitness

Her diet does not involve complicated or complex food plans. When she gained 40 kg after pregnancy, she followed a light and steady diet plan to get back to her old self. Women usually have difficulty regaining their old selves as the body goes through a lot during labour. There is no better person to get diet advice from than a mother of two who still looks 20 in her forties. Queen of fitness

Morning schedule | Queen of fitness

Her day begins with two glasses of warm water with noni juice for an energetic start.

A teaspoon of A2 cow ghee as quality organic ghee is a superfood with anti-inflammatory properties that aids in metabolism. Queen of fitness

Shilpa believes breaking the fast with breakfast should be a wholesome meal that fuels the body to work effectively throughout the day. She either takes the following for breakfast:

  • A bowl of muesli and fruits: a mix of rolled oats, grains, dry fruits and nuts makes a power packed breakfast. Also fruits like berries, papaya, apple and banana are rich in vitamins and fibre content.
  • Three eggs and avocado: she takes eggs that are either scrambled or fried or poached for breakfast with avocado. She likes to take eggs for breakfast as it offers a complete meal. It is rich in omega-3, protein and amino acids. Also, avocado has magnesium, potassium and vitamins to which makes her feel fuller between food intervals.
  • Toast and butter: She prefers to take sourdough or multigrain breads which are known for its probiotic nature. This improves the gut health and has a less gluten content. To balance out the protein she takes butter. Butter is rich in vitamin A and D , and also increases blood count.
  • Sometimes she goes desi with a plate of idli and sambar, or wholegrain or wheat rotis with scrambled tofu. These native foods are structured in a way that provides required nutrients and supplements according to the work and the climatic conditions.

with a cup of milk tea (added coconut sugar). Alternatively, she takes vegan milk like coconut milk, soy milk, and almond milk. She prefers to follow a diet with less sugar intake.

Queen of fitness

Lunch schedule | Queen of fitness

  • Brown rice or white rice for carbs: she also suggests having brown rice over white rice as it has more fibre content.
  • Chicken or fish for protein
  • Cucumber carrot salad


  • Her favourite yogi bowl weighed and proportioned a bowl of rice, protein (nuts or chicken bits or fish), and beets.

accompany millet rotis made of five different grains (jowar, bajra,ragi and whole wheat) with a side of vegetables and cooked dal, and finish her meal with simple peanut brittles to feed her sweet tooth.

Health & Fitness

Mid-day or Evening Snacks | Queen of fitness

Slipa’s diet strictly follows taking food in small quantities at specific intervals. The need to listen to the body and consume food accordingly is a holistic and healthier approach.

She grabs a sandwich or a papaya yoghurt bowl, or cooked oats with a glass of spiced tea.

Queen of fitness

Dinner schedule | Queen of fitness

She has her dinner before 7:30 p.m., or preferably three hours before her bedtime. Late night eating habits are not advisable. Dinner should always be light which promotes good sleep.

For dinner, a good bowl of chicken or vegetable (fibrous) soup or a bowl of oats or carbohydrates with vegetable curry. The meal plan for dinner is light and fibrous as it gives a lighter and fills the stomach until breakfast.

For the day she takes at least 2-3 litres of water. Being fit does not mean a healthy system but also the overall body. Having toned skin, happy mind and glowing skin. Water plays a major role in that.

Any diet plan that has a balanced proportion of fibre- and protein-rich foods with necessary carbohydrates on a plate Every meal should be taken at proper intervals. Following a proper diet plan alone would not suffice for a healthy lifestyle. Following an appropriate workout in the form of exercise or yoga to lead a healthy life.

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