Mental Strategies to Help You Build a Regular Exercise Routine

Who wouldn’t think of skipping the workout after a long weary day at work? Of course everyone! Nobody would like to change into their sweatpants and sneakers and get their asses up for burning that extra fat and sweating around for like half-n-hour after a tiresome day at work and with all the stress that was dealt of. Basically this isn’t a great problem for a day or two but you never realize when it becomes a habit of skipping the workout. People nowadays pay very little attention to their health and fitness. They tend to ignore it more and more thinking that diet and workout of like 2 days during the weekend would be enough to keep them fit. As a result of this, they start facing many serious health issues from a very early age.

Let me know that you are not only the one, but there are so many like you out there, who need motivation and reason every day to go to the gym to workout. But you may have also seen people who wake up early in the morning just to exercise and the ones who skip the parties and their leisure time just to workout. These kinds of people always try to put their body and their health before anything else. And they stay healthier and happier in the long run. Now, these are the people from whom you can get motivated or at least try to implement their tips and tricks on how they can stay so motivated.

This is not a great task to be achieved. Instead, this is only some small basic changes that you need to make in your routine and develop simple habits for every day that will keep you going. You can totally get that done with some mental and practical hacks that will carve your brain in such a way that you won’t be able to resist your workouts anymore.

It is often quoted that with the right mindset, you can achieve anything. So whenever you feel lousy to work out, you need to think of these tips that will make you crave for the gym and won’t ever think of skipping your workout.

Now let’s have a look at what are those tips that will make your brain crave for the gym.

5 tips that will train your brain crave for the gym:

  1. Pre-schedule your workouts:

Figure out and mark in the calendar about which exercise and what kind of workout you are going to have on a particular day, at the beginning of the week. This will help your brain to get indulged in the workouts as it won’t become the same old routine every day. Try out various things like yoga, aerobics, and stuff on weekends. All of these will help you stay excited about what’s next to come.

Also, make workouts an important part of the day and going to the gym a must-visit the place. Think of the positive thoughts like “you will definitely hit that next mark today”, “it is really going to be fun and you’ll reach one step closer towards your goal”. These things will help you stay motivated.

  • Find something to enjoy:

People tend to stop doing things when don’t enjoy it. This might also be a reason for your skipping the workout. Make something or find out things that you can enjoy while working out. If gyming inside the four walls doesn’t please you, then make a set of exercises that you need to practice every day and go to some open place like a garden or the backyard of your house. If you don’t like performing cardio, then leave it. There are many other exercises available that help your body move and sweat like running, playing sports, dancing, etc.

Try to find out the things that you enjoy doing and do it. This will help you wake up the next day with the excitement of doing that again and thus will keep you going. Make the journey as exciting as you think the reward is going to be and see how your brain craves to reach there.

  • Stay realistic and consistent:

Everyone gets excited in the beginning and start setting goals which are way too far to achieve. Then, later on, realizing that it is not happening, they just stop working out. This turns out to be a total de-motivation. Firstly, if you are a beginner then give yourself one week to adjust to the new routine and then see how far you can get at that time. See how much you can help your body push the limits but don’t go way too far as it will only result in injuries. After noting all these things, set a fitness goal that you want to achieve in the near future and the one that is realistic for you.

So when you wake up early morning and think about the goal that you’ve set, you get pumped every day get one step closer to it. Also, be consistent in your workouts. If you go gyming one day and skip the next 3 days then that is going to lead you nowhere. So make a habit of going to the gym at the same time every day. Thus it will help you form a habit which you wouldn’t be able to resist.

  • Try to love what you do:

It is the human nature of leaving things undone if we don’t like it. It goes here as well. If you don’t like your workout then you will feel like skipping it. So try to find out the exercises or workout routines that you like and perform it. After all, it is so important to love what you do and this will only lead you to continue doing it every day. And thus help you form a strong habit that will ultimately help you achieve your goals faster.

  • Treat yourself:

Sometimes, you might get tired of having the workouts done and all those diet stuff is eaten. As a human, one needs a break from the consistent things. Try having one over here also. But break over here doesn’t mean that you skip of your workouts and diet for 10-15 days and just stuff all the unhealthy things in your body. Instead of treating in a good way can help. It lets your mind get free from the regular routine and enjoy some time and then again start off with a fresh mindset.

Now let me get you some ideas that you can have to treat yourself. While working out, if you watch any particular T.V shows or serials then play it along at the time when you are exercising. You can always listen up to your favorite music and take up some favorite sport which you love playing once in a week where you can enjoy this. Get yourself a pampering treatment like a spa or shopping if you like, once you complete a week’s workout routine without skipping a day. All these things will keep your interest in the workouts and you give up even if you wish too.

I hope these things tips and tricks will definitely work for you and now you won’t be searching for any excuses to skip your workout sessions, after all, it’s only you who is going to be benefitted from that.

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