How to Increase Height “Quicker” After 18?

If you are an adult and are not satisfied with your height, then you are not alone. A lot of people want to grow taller than their peers. Everyone dreams of having a proper height as it makes one (quite literally) stand out in a crowd. How to Increase Height After 18 For Teenagers?

The height of a person mainly depends upon genetics. So growing taller is an extensive method which takes considerable time. Genetics play a huge role in determining one’s physical appearance. But, it is not genes alone that are responsible for your height. Many environmental factors, like nutrition and lifestyle factors, make a significant difference.

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The growth of body stops because the epiphyseal plates, also known as ‘growth plates,’ get closed after 18. These growth plates are responsible for lengthening the bones, which gradually leads to an increase in height. But it is possible to beat the odds and grow even after you turn 18 by these two main methods:

  • Natural Methods
  • Artificial Methods

Natural Methods:

These methods have a scientific approach towards body growth and to grow taller. They might not bring a drastic change in one’s height as it does not hinder the hormonal release of the body, hence having no side effects or repercussions. That makes this the best method to opt for a better height.

Proper Nutrition

A healthy and balanced diet is crucial to maintain a sound body, and mind is the perfect way to grow taller. Diet, including the appropriate amount of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Iodine, is necessary for growth and development. One should not neglect the importance of calcium in day-to-day life. Calcium acts as the most crucial element in lengthening and strengthening of bones and cartilages. Hence milk and dairy products should stay included in one’s diet. How to Increase Height After 18 For Teenagers?

Proteins and carbohydrates are essential in building the muscles which support the functioning of bones. Protein and carbohydrate luxurious products like fish, chicken, pulses, grams, and sprouts should be added to your lifestyle.

Good Sleep Schedule

Our sleep-wake cycle makes a huge difference in your body growth. Growth hormones do highly activated during sleep. Thickening and layering of bones regulate in your deep-sleep. And deep-sleep is achieved only when we sleep for at least 7-9 hours. Body posture during sleep (and otherwise) is also essential to maintain as a straight, stretched out spine will add up to the growth of the bones.

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Stretching Exercises

Regular exercising, if done correctly, can rectify half of our health-related problems and help you to get taller. Stretching exercises, up to some extent, can help you gain a few inches. But one must keep in mind the importance of posture and body control. How we present ourselves to the world has a lot to say about us. Sitting or standing in a slouchy, bent-spine way might have you look shorter than your actual height while standing straight, shoulder broad might make you seem taller.

Some of the stretching exercises are:

  • Bar pulls
  • Super stretch and toe touching
  • Basic leg stretching
  • Cobra stretching
  • Bar hanging (5 reps of 2-2 minutes)

Correct your Posture with Yoga Asanas

As mentioned earlier, the importance of body posture, nothing can make your body hold itself than Yoga. It not only helps you increase the height but also acts in favor of the overall development of the body.

Some of the height-increasing asanas are as follows:

  • Bhujangasana: This posture elongates and stretches our spine, which increases height.
  • Tadasana: also beneficial for the spine, also called ‘the Mountain Pose.’

Growth Stimulating Factors

Meditation: The pituitary gland located in the middle of our skull releases Growth Hormone (GH) in our body, which ultimately results in increasing the height. To stimulate the secretion of this hormone, one should bring meditation into practice. Meditation relaxes the mind and regulates all bodily functions.

Sun-Bathing: Sunlight is the most abundant source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has a direct impact on bone growth and development. So, soak yourself in the morning sun (as it has the least amount of UV radiations in it) and let your bones get the nourishment.

Growth Inhibiting Factors:

Stress: it is one of the leading causes which inhibit one’s overall growth. The negativity takes up all the space in mind, and the brain finds itself unable to generate positive thoughts that lead to stunted, incomplete growth.

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Substance abuse: taking up alcohol and narcotics interferes with our metabolic and hormonal system. For example, cocaine addicts are found to have low bone density because cocaine interferes with the calcium absorption process of the body.

Low Immunity: Falling ill frequently can put your growth factors back to zero. Build a strong immunity by proper diet and required supplements. How to Increase Height After 18 For Teenagers?

Artificial Methods:

When it comes to height-gain, there are also some medications and supplements that need to obtain noticed. These methods might come with an uncertainty of their efficiency and has a lot of risk-factors like side effects of the medication, but they remain claimed to give ‘quick’ results. Science has indeed developed enough to understand and implement ways to enhance bone growth.

Some of these medications are explained as follows:

Somatotropin or HGH

Bodybuilders usually take this hormonal supplement for muscle growth, but it is also responsible for bone enlargement, which ultimately increases height.

Height Enhancing Body supplements

Many such supplements are available in the market, which focuses on body growth and bone enhancement. These supplements both come in the form of powder or tablets and have a certain course-duration. These supplements are claimed to have natural extracts that promote increasing height.

Home remedies

Your kitchen could have the ingredients to get you a proper height. Ashwagandha leaves (Withania somnifera) are said to have chemicals that stimulate the growth hormones in the body.


Homeopathic pills have medicines that promote body growth. The best part about taking homeopathic medicines is that their side effects are almost zero. But it also right that homeopathic medication takes time to show impact, so one has to be patient with it and believe in the pills.

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Update your Wardrobe to “Appear” Taller

There are specific ways one can change in their dressing style to create an illusion to look taller. Some of these tips happen and mentioned as follows:

  • Wear Heels: the most common and obvious method to look instantly taller is to wear heels or heeled boots or shoes. It instantly adds up inches to your height and makes you appear taller.
  • Wear the Right Stripes: Horizontal strips could make you appear broad and bulgy. Avoid wearing wide, horizontal stripes and wear narrow, vertical lines to create a lean and tall illusion of you.
  • Work on your body: a toned and slender body looks taller than it is.
  • Go for dresses that don’t chunk your body into two halves. Opt for color-blocked or solid dresses that give the body a complete, slender look and make you seem taller.
  • High-Waist Jeans: this is one of the most popular trends these days. High waist jeans came back to modern trends. Pick high waist jeans and pair it up with a crop-top to create that ”longer legs” illusion.

The Bottom Line

It is observed that humans tend to stop growing after 18 years. Genetics play a significant role in determining one’s height. But other factors like nutrition, health, and environmental factors also have a considerable part. If your genes do not bless you, you can always approach to nutritional and other aspects as mentioned above. But keep in mind that taller does not mean better, and nothing could stop you from achieving your dreams but your insecurities. So, work on them, and you’re right.

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