How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night

Sleep requires peace …Right?? Somewhere we all are struggling with sleep due to a stressful lifestyle or rush about things . Once I was struggling to get a peaceful sleep due to mid-project works. One of the things I find that I’m sensitive to light actually we all are. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night.

Sleep Every Night

When I concern about the naturopathic doctor, she told me to make my room dark. Not semi-dark but pitch black. So when I go to sleep, I cover the windows with curtains turn it dark. She told me light causes disturbance in sleep. I want to share some trick helps you to get asleep. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night

  1. THE 4-7-8 METHOD

This method is simple to do and easy to fall asleep. Just make the room dark, close your eyes, and begin by breathing in slowly for seconds and keep counting. For some people to be concentrated is a big task but practice makes you able to do it. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night


Another thing I found helpful is pranayama breathing. As believed that by controlling the act of breathing we can control all motions of our body. You can easily control the mind and soul through breath control. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night

You can found various types of pranayama if you go once through it. Just lay down on bed calmly and be relaxed. make the room dark and take a deep breath. Now take a right thumb and close your right nostril and then do the same with the left one. Repeat the cycle. It is effective for me to fall asleep. Breathing exercises are beneficial. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night


As the thoughts come up and go, but don’t invite them for tea. Meditation helps to control the thoughts. We can’t control thoughts, our thoughts controls our actions. Concentrate on your breathing actions.

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As I can’t sleep in a quiet room. It seems horror to me. Then I start noticing the sound of the fan and surroundings and does not sleep. You can listen to soothing music before or while sleeping. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night


It makes me feel amazed at how our olfactory senses help to relax. Sometimes you had memories with the smell. Like you smell the same fragrance reminds you of something. How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night

Sleep Every Night

So there are ways helps you to sleep naturally, without medicines and all. It works for me Hope for you too. Share your experiences with us too.

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