How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Is your mattress now an uncomfortable place to relax and giving you some pains then it’s time to shift to a new mattress since your old mattress has completed its age. If your mattress makes you wake up with pain and you are not happy then go and change your mattress before it cause serious muscle pain.
According to national sleep foundation you should replace your old mattress after eight years. This is the time up till your mattress is in a good state. But a high quality mattress can be used for longer time. Sometimes it’s the material that is responsible behind the detoriation of your mattress. How often should you change your mattress?

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If this question bother’s you then you should first observe that is your mattress as relaxing as it was before. Is it noisy? Every time you rest on your bed is it troubling you? By looking all the following factors you get the indication of changing your mattress.

Change Your Mattress?

Getting up in pain | Change Your Mattress

If this is happening with you then you really need to shift to a new mattress as soon as possible. It is not good to sleep over the mattress which causes pain. This can lead to severe muscles issue causing a lot of pain. Keeping your spine safe and straight is the first thing which comes in a mind before making a mattress and you should really care for this. Everybody needs a proper and healthy sleep otherwise it can cause serious health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, heart diseases and many more.

Dust, dirt and bed bugs | Change your mattress

If your bed is a house of some unwanted guests like bed bugs then it is impossible to get rid-off this. The dust and dirt on your beds or mattress is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. It can be the home of many bacteria and allergies. These bacteria can cause you severe allergy which is not good. It can also cause some respiratory diseases. If you observe such factors then do change your mattress soon.

Is your mattress noisy | Change Your Mattress

Every time you step to your mattress if it produces some sort of noise then the springs are loose. And your mattress is losing its properties. This means there is a need to buy a new mattress. This is one of the common and the best factor to know that your mattress is now unfit for you. How often should you change your mattress?

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Some common symptoms are

 Sleepless nights.
 Skin rashes and allergies.
 Breathing problems
 Not feeling well.
 Having back pain or any muscular pain.


Mattress may vary company to company and their quality also. Some companies made durable mattress and have a certification while some companies uses low quality things which to not the standard.
Innerspring Amongst the other mattresses innerspring mattress are well known. This mattress is made in three parts:

 The foundation
 The core
 The comfort layer.

This type of mattress is uses foam, polyfoam or cotton. This type of mattress is made from coil which helps to distribute your weight. They are still most popular but also rank lowest as far as durability concern.

Hybrid foam | Change Your Mattress
This is consumes memory foams, polyfoams, latex foams at the top layers. It is made using 50%coils and 50%foam.

Memory foam | Change Your Mattress
This type of mattress is made from some chemicals. The higher the density the more are they durable. However, a few toxic chemicals are also found in such mattresses.

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Latex mattress
Latex mattress is made of latex. These mattresses are becoming very popular and adoptable. These mattresses are made from natural resources and are more durable so investing in this is a good option.

Change Your Mattress?


Sometimes our mattresses have to suffer because of our irresponsible behaviour. Lack of care and excessive weightage, an improper foundation and many factors are responsible for detoriation of the mattress. Following are some detailed discussion of these factors.

  • Improper care and maintenance. | Change Your Mattress

Everything needs care so is with mattresses. If you don’t take proper care of it then your mattress will be the house of many unwanted guests. Sometimes we lag and do not use proper mattress protector which results the risk of many different health disorder, causing rashes, skin allergies, asthma and other bacterial infections.

Mattress protectors should be used to give extra life to your mattress. They are not very expensive and they can be changed easily. Some of the mattress protectors are made of noiseless material so you don’t get to know sometimes that your protector is destroyed.

  • Your physical lifestyle/weight. | Change Your Mattress

Mattresses are made to support your weight. Most of the mattress are thick and can handle your weight but what about the thicker ones. They go inside after some years inside due to heavy weights and decreasing the life your mattress. For special weight cases some different mattress are available.

  • Allowing your pets to sit on mattress. | Change Your Mattress

Love for pets is good but if this is troubling you then you should be aware. Prevent your mattress from pets as they chew and eat sometimes it. And their left over hairs on your bed is also the sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. So do take note of this. Most of us ignore this fact but trust me it’s not good for your health. The germs and bacteria in their saliva can cause serious health issues to you and to your children.

  • Don’t allow your children to jump over to your mattress. | Change Your Mattress

Jumping over the mattress can harm your mattress and can lose its springs. This also decreases the life of your mattress. Tell your kids not to this otherwise your mattress will get affected soon. And changing it will be the only option before you.

  • Don’t eat on your bed.

Some people have habit to eat food on their beds. This is also an important reason behind saggy mattress. Every time you eat some of the stains are left over on it and this can increase the growth of bacteria on your bed which will affect you.


 Use bed protectors.
 Clean your bed once in a week.
 Flip your mattress after every three months
 Use vacuum cleaners to remove dust.
 Check whether your bed is the home of unwanted guests.
 Dusting regularly.
 Change your bed sheets weekly.
 Don’t allow pets to step on your mattress.

  • Use mattress covers.

The mattress covers are not very expensive and can be easily changed. They are very thin and fits easily on the mattress and does not require much efforts. Using mattress cover will be helpful in increasing the lifespan of your mattress. Using this will prevent you from the stains and other dust and dirt to reach inside.

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  • Clean you bed once in a week.

Cleanliness is the key to happy life. Doing this will remove all the dust and dirt from your bed. By cleaning your bed weekly you will be from the bacteria’s that were bothering you. So clean your bed for a healthy life. How often should you change your mattress?

  • Flip your mattress after every three months.

Flipping your bed will help inn to use both side of the mattress so the weight remains evenly distributed and your mattress is also safe from one sided weight. When you don’t rotate your mattress for years due to internal pressure it starts deforming and therefore its lifespan decreases but if we rotate our mattress in every three to four months we will provide it some time to regain back to its normal form and thus exceeding its life.

  • Use vacuum cleaners to remove dirt.

Due to extra pressure of vacuum cleaners even the tiny particles are removed from our mattress and we get a clean bed to rest over. Some of the dirt is not visible to us by our naked eyes but vacuum cleaners helps to get rid off from every tiny particles which we cannot see.

  • Don’t make your bed the house of bed bugs.

Be informed about the bed bugs and apply regular coating of the chemicals that prevent bed bugs to grow. Because once they started to grow it will be impossible for you to stop them. So keep an eye. If you see bed bugs immediately spray some chemical and provide a coating to the place where they were grown. How often should you change your mattress?

  • Dusting regularly.

Dusting your mattress will also keep your bed safe and healthy. The left over things on the bed are dust out by using this method. So do dust your mattress and make it a healthy place to rest.

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  • Change your bed sheets weekly.

Changing bed sheets weekly or within 15 days can also keep your mattress safe. All the germs came onto your bed are washed off by changing the bed sheets weekly. This is done by most of us. But for those who don’t work on this please start doing this by today.

  • Don’t allow pets to step on your mattress.

Don’t allow your pets because they can to harm your mattress by chewing and scratching. So don’t let them enter to your bed room.

Doing this will help you to extend the life your mattress even more than before. Do follow these steps to see the results. Hope you get the answers to questions.
I hope you like this article How often should you change your mattress? please leave your comments below.

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