Sirsasana- A concept

Sirsasana, also known as Head Stand, is a renowned asana. The term is derived from the words ‘sirsa’ (head) and ‘asana’ (posture). The practice of this pose carries a great danger of falling and injuring oneself. As a result, when performing this skill, one should use extreme caution. In most of the cases, people are injured when they collide with an item. To avoid this, choose a location that is clear of potentially hazardous things. In this stance, it is also necessary to stand as steady and comfortable as possible. In this article, we will go through the health advantages of this asana in depth. Sirsasana

Health Benefits of Sirsasana

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  1. Enhanced Blood Flow Throughout the Body- Headstand is an excellent position for improving nutrient flow to the head and scalp. By flipping over down, you can assist your body in delivering more nutrients and oxygen to your scalp, hence boosting nutrition delivery to your hair follicles. Blood circulation is improved, resulting in healthier hair, when the scalp receives a good oxygenated blood and nutrients.
  2. Helps with Anxiety and Tension- Headstand is a stress buster since it is a cool, calming posture that allows you to direct your attention inwardly. If you are experiencing worry, tension, or terror, this position is highly beneficial. Sirsasana
  3. Boosts Digestive System- By reversing the effects of gravity on your digestive organs, you will aid in the movement of stuck material, the release of trapped gases, and the improvement of blood flow to the vital digestive organs, therefore enhancing nutritional absorption and distribution to your cells. Sirsasana
  4. Improves Sleep Quality- Sirsasana is a yoga pose that enhances blood circulation. The increased blood flow keeps the mind quiet and relaxed, allowing you to sleep well!
  5. Prevents Excessive Cough & Cold- Sirsasana advantages include renewing and invigorating the entire body, boosting blood flow, protecting your sinuses, and removing cough and congestion symptoms.
  6. Help you Focus Better- This asana improves focus by increasing brain function by ensuring that blood flow is distributed evenly throughout the brain. Sirsasana
  7. Cure for Piles- The illness of piles and swollen veins arise as a result of blood buildup in the anus and legs. As a result, it is spontaneously treated with this stance since blood circulates uniformly throughout the body.
  8. Natural Remedy for Headaches & Migraine- Sirsasana, a natural remedy for headaches and migraines, efficiently relaxes and strengthens the blood vessels in the brain, avoiding headaches and migraines.
  9. Treats Constipation- By applying pressure, this position enables a smooth blood flow all throughout the body, resulting in a treated constipation condition.
  10. Cures Sexual Disorders- This useful asana promotes blood flow to the sexual hormonal glands and organs, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable sex drive.
  11. Remedy for Thyroid- It actively works on the thyroid gland by harmonizing metabolic activities. Thyroid dysfunction can cause a variety of problems, either directly or indirectly.
  12. Strengthens your Bones & Muscles- Weight-bearing workouts, such as these, enhance bone health. Handstands are a weight-bearing exercise since you support your full weight with your arms.
  13. Gives a Healthy Glow to the Face & Tones Body- Regular practice of sirsasana can also enhance the quality of the face and over all skin. Pimples and wrinkles are frequently caused by insufficient waste disposal and feeding from the blood, with this asana, there will be a smooth flow of blood all across the body leading to a shiny, radiant face and a toned body.
  14. Removes Toxins- Toxins are removed from the body by turning your head over. This instantly stimulates your lymphatic system, which assists in the elimination of toxins from your body.
  15. Helps diabetic patients- Headstand practiced efficiently, supports healthy brain activities that govern pituitary glands and so aids in the treatment of diabetes.

Unfortunately, there are certain people who should not practice this posture because of its complexity. Pregnant women, people with serious heart problems and hypertension, children below the age of 10 as their skulls are soft and not strong enough to hold the posture, people suffering from acute or heavy migraines, and people with neck problems should strictly avoid practicing this posture.

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Step by Step Guide to the Pose-

  1. Make a basket by bringing your hands together and stringing your fingers. Be careful to retain the elbows in the same position during the posture and not shift them in- or out-of-place. The arms should form a triangle. Set your head on the ground and cup your hands around the back of the skull.
  2. Arch the toes, straighten your knees, and lift your hips up to the ceiling. Lift your feet up to your shoulders.
  3. Lift your right knee into your chest, then your left knee into your chest, holding your spine straight.
  4. Take a big breath in and raise your legs, reaching towards the top. Examine an eye-level focal point. Continue to breathe and hold the posture for as long as you can, comfortably.

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