How to get rid of excessive hair fall in winter?

Volume, shine, and movement. These define your hair health. The hair identifies you! What happens when you lose some of that hair? It is normal to lose some strands of hair every day! But when the “some strands” keeps increasing manifold, that is when one is said to be having a hair loss. So how do we identify this? What causes such hair fall? What could we do to keep our hair protected? The article answers these questions for you. Here are the best methods to How to stop hair fall in winter

Know the Myth!

Humans are born with an average of 1,00,000 scalp hair follicles. There are 5 million hair follicles distributed throughout the body. Out of which, somewhere between 100-150 strands of hair fall out due to wear and tear process. This is considered to be within standard tolerance. When the hair is washed, it is deemed to be reasonable to see a few strands to get washed away. This happens so because of loose or disconnected hairs fall out due to the interaction with water. How to stop hair fall in winter?

  • Every hair is supposed to have a 2-5-year life span
  • Nutrition, hormones, stress, hygiene, styling and weather influences hair fall
  • Hair grows 1cm over a month on an average
  • Life Cycle of a Hair
  • Anagen phase – Hair grows in this phase
  • Catagen phase – Hair doesn’t grow and remains static
  • Telogen phase – When hair prepares to fall
  • A new hair grows instantly from the follicle that lost a hair
  • At a given moment, under normal conditions, 90% of hair is growing

So, how would you identify if you suffer from hair loss?

Perform a “pull test” on your hair to check if you are suffering a hair loss. This test can be performed at home and can tell you results without going to a doctor. Start from your forehead and slide your fingers through the hair till you reach the end of strands. If there are more than ten strands at the end of each tug, you are going through hair loss.

The winters and hairs are foes!

As previously mentioned, the weather has an effect on hair health. It might be well known that the sun has an adverse impact on hair. Lesser known is the effect of winters on hair conditions. So, what does the winter do to our hair? What causes hair fall during winters?

  • The dry air outside during winters, dry up the scalp as well
  • The dry scalp leads to dry hair that can break easily
  • The dry scalp also results in dandruff eventually leading to hair fall
  • The weather also causes the cuticle to lift slightly allowing no moisture
  • No moisture leads to frizzy, unmanageable hair leading to hair breakage and hair fall

Protect your hair from winter! Follow these

Agree with us that cold weather also does affect hair fall? It is now time for you to agree to remedies to make up the fall and protect the hair from leaving you! These are the best methods for How to stop hair fall in winter?

  1. Moisturize

Winter brings along dryness. When you moisturize skin with essential creams and oils, don’t forget to care about the scalp and hair, as well.

Make sure you add in an extra dose of moisturizer, either an oil or shampoo, for regaining the moisture lost to the weather. Don’t over-moisturize at the same time. Clogged pores also cause dandruff, and thus, hair fall. Moisturize in the right amount.

  1. Pamper your scalp

Deep conditioning prevents hair and scalp from drying. A few drops of oil and deep massage strokes help you restore hair’s health. The strokes improve blood flow to the hair and revitalize the hair. A good massage also revitalizes the soul. Get some extra reward by taking occasional massages.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

Regular trim gets rid of those nasty parched ends. Schedule a proper trim between 8-10 weeks during the winter. If you are scared, you will lose the length; don’t forget to ask your stylist to just dust off the ends.

  1. Protect hair from the regular wear and tear

It is not that winters don’t have sun. Our greatest foe is still out there in the day when you travel. Hence don’t forget to wear protective scarves or hats to protect the hair from the sun. Also, don’t forget to wash these accessories as you could necessarily sweat during the winters as well.

  1. Use a restoring shampoo/conditioner

The chemicals and products used on hair during these days are no less danger to hair’s health. Make sure you use subtle ones and ensure it only improves the length, shine, and thickness. In addition to moisturizing, the shampoo could also be a protein shampoo that restores the strength of the hair strands.

  1. No more heat damages!

Winter doesn’t mean any styling. The self-explanatory tool for styling your hair is iron. This iron uses heat that will only add up to the dryness preexisting. Make sure there are the least usages of these heat-based styling.

Also, the weather will ask for a warm-hot shower. May be your soul could feel a warmth out of such showers. The scalp or hair will not feel this warmth. Hot baths have proven evidence of favoring hair loss and hair damage. Maybe try considering Luke-warm water when you take a head shower. Also, avoid daily head showers as this could also cause excessive dryness.

  1. Consume the right meal

A balanced diet always improves the health of just not hair but the overall you. Yes, these are the same words from your mom ringing in your ears. Vitamins do wonders for the hair.

Your diet is right for your hair if it regularly includes spinach, carrots, Eggs, Oats, Walnuts, Lentils, Yoghurt. These contain the essential vitamins to promote hair follicle growth, restoring hair strength, and to ensure plentiful oxygen supply.

  1. Some home remedies help too!

There are products available in the market, which are either ayurvedic or of western origin. These hair masks are to be applied to hair to ensure hair’s health. Look up to the google to prepare such hair masks at home.

  1. De-stress and add in some exercises

Though at last, it is an essential thing to ensure prevention from hair loss. Exercise regularly to regulate the hormones that keep a check on hair fall.

There is professional help, as well!

Yes. Breathe! This could be the last step if nothing from the above works. There is various professional help available to restore your shine. Medications have been approved and are out in the market to prevent hair loss. Don’t forget to consume them only after a valid prescription.

High-end treatments like hair transplant surgery and laser therapy are also available in the current market to regrow the new hairs. In this way, the hair will look plentiful, although there could be no control over hairs falling out.


Despite the steps taken, if you witness patchy bald spots on the scalp, over thinning of hair, an underlying condition might be causing this, and its time to see a doctor. Seeking professional help will help you gain just not hair but also peace of mind. Let the winter be whatever it wants to be. Follow these tips to let your hair woo the weather for a change! Thanks for reading this article, we hope you like this article How to stop hair fall in winter, please share your valuable feedback below.

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