What can help you quit smoking? | Best ways to resist tobacco cravings

Have you ever tried before to quit smoking? Have you ever examined your willpower to go against this habit? Are you looking for an effective way to quit smoking that makes you feel better even after quitting smoking and will not let you go back again? Resist Tobacco Cravings

If YES then this article is for you….because here we’ll discuss WHAT CAN HELP YOU QUIT SMOKING?
About 94% of the total smokers have tried to quit smoking but failed, and 6% are the only ones who tried and also succeed. Here the question comes what was the cause of failure? Despite working so hard on this habit, what was it that makes this hold? Resist Tobacco Cravings

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It’s just the mental addiction that is troubling you to do that.
About 80% of the smoking addiction is Mental Addiction. And 20% of smoking addiction is Physical Addiction. You can leave Physical addiction for once, but your mental state won’t allow you to quit. Your physical dependency on smoking is just 20% that’s why you can say that “you need a cigarette”? The main obstacle to not letting you quit smoking is your brain. You’ve also tried to quit in the past with some pills or some nicotine patches, gums, etc. hoping that your desire to smoke will go away. But this rarely happens. Because this product only deals with the physical aspect of your addiction.While your desire for smoking is mental. Resist Tobacco Cravings

“Think about it.”

When you go to sleep, you don’t smoke for 7 or 8 hours directly. If your physical addiction was the real problem, it would wake you up every hour for smoking. But physical desire doesn’t wake you up. Because the physical need is just 20%But what happens with you during the day when you don’t smoke for 3-4 hours? You’d go crazy! Because your mind is awake. And it reminds you to smoke every time. Here you have only a 20% chance to quit smoking because you deal with the physical addiction only. Resist Tobacco Cravings

Resist Tobacco Cravings

Helpful Tips for Quitting Smoking

• Set small challenges.
• Have faith in yourself.
• Self-confidence is a must.
• Try to distract yourself at the time you feel to do it.
• Keep the photographs or belongings for your loved ones as a motivation.
• Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help
• Don’t Think You Can Smoke Just One Cigarette.
• Don’t Forget Why You Wanted to Quit
• Reward yourself.
• Count your savings.

Have faith.

You are the result of your own choices. Nothing can’t be achieved if you don’t have self-confidence. Have faith that you can do this. Prepare yourself as a warrior and fight this battle for yourself and your family.
• Keep motivating yourself.
• Have some small talks with yourself explaining the reason behind quitting.
• Remind yourself only you can change this habit.
• Don’t let any negative thoughts disturb your mind.
• Believe that you can do this.

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Try to distract yourself when you feel to smoke. Resist Tobacco Cravings

Distract yourself at the time you feel to smoke. Try to watch some motivational videos at this time. Call your loved ones and tell them what you are feeling. Try to cooperate with yourself. You have to fight your own battle so don’t feel disheartened. There will be many ups and downs but you have to keep your mind stable. Resist Tobacco Cravings

Resist Tobacco Cravings

Moreover, if you are still feeling to do it try to have some gums and other pills which are recommended by the doctors.

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Keep the photographs or belongings for your loved ones as a motivation.
This is one of the best motivations that you can use to quit your habit of smoking. Remembering the talks of your loved ones will not let you go forward with smoke. Use the photographs of your loved ones or some pictures of motivational words on your desktop, in your rooms, or at your workplace. Say to yourself that they matter to you more than smoking and for them, you have to do this. Your one good step towards this can give a lot of happiness. Resist Tobacco Cravings

Take care of your health/ quit smoking

• Have a well-balanced diet.
Eating a proper diet will help your body to stay fit because after quitting this habit you will feel anxious and may suffer from different health issues. For this eat healthily. Resist Tobacco Cravings

• Drink water
water will keep you hydrated and will flush out all the detox material from your body. Resist Tobacco Cravings

• Exercise
Exercise will give you both physical and mental health, so try this also but do consult a professional before starting this. Resist Tobacco Cravings

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• Take some vitamins
Take some vitamins daily that can help your body to stay stronger.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help
Don’t think that asking for help from anyone is a bad option. There are many consultants, physicians, etc to help you out. They are available to solve your problem. Resist Tobacco Cravings

Also, try to tell your friends and relatives that you are on a journey that says quit smoke for a healthy life and also tell them that they don’t allow you to smoke. It takes only 21 days to quit the smoke and therefore if practiced daily you will see the results. Resist Tobacco Cravings

Don’t Think You Can Smoke Just One Cigarette
Sometimes in the desire to s, mike you always say to yourself that I will have one only but believe me you are falling into the pit. This is the worst idea you can think of in this journey. If you thought that I will have it for once since I haven’t had it for days, please don’t think so. Don’t waste your hard work on one cigarette. Many of them have tried doing this but after that, they can’t control it. They are so anxious to have this again and again.

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Don’t Forget Why You Wanted to Quit
There must be a reason why you are quitting this habit. Do not forget that. Whenever you are in the mood of smoking think first about why you want to quit. Think over and over. Take away all the cigarettes and throw them out of your workplace. Resist Tobacco Cravings
What if somehow you can’t control it. Resist Tobacco Cravings

In this case, follow some important steps that will help you.
• Don’t feel disheartened
• Don’t start feeling that you can’t do this.
• Boost your confidence.
• Don’t start smoking again.
• Check your weakness and then work on it.
• Talk to yourself and gain your self-esteem again.

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