Best hair oil for men for shiny and silky hairs.

Healthy hair can make you good looking and can increase your charm. Some people have an opinion that scald headed decreases their look and that’s why their confidence also loose. In this era, hair fall is a common factor because we take a lot of stress and tension in our heads which is the main cause of hair fall. There are many ways to combat the issue of hair fall. In India there is a tradition of oiling the hair. Oiling the hair can fight hair fall, reduce hair loss and even help in hair re-growth. Today there are hundreds of brands selling oils for hair re-growth, fighting baldness and hair thickening. Below are the Best hair oil for men that prevents hair loss

Which one do you choose to address your hair problem? Well, we have sorted this for you as we bring you a well-researched list of top anti-hair fall oils in India for hair re-growth. However, before you choose your favorite oil from the list, let’s quickly have a glance over the causes of hair fall.

What causes hair fall in men

Hair fall in men can be caused due to many factors, sometimes more than one. To understand more about these here are some factors responsible for hair fall. Below are the Best hair oil for men that prevents hair loss

1. Genetic problem
Sometimes you may wonder in spite of taking so care of your hair you have a problem of hair fall for this genetic problem is responsible. Some research also says that Men have been losing hair faster and earlier than women.

2. Stress/ tension.
Another affecting reason is stress. A stressful mind can never gives fruitful results. All day worrying about work, etc. also lead to heavy hair fall due to imbalance diet. Stress affects us physically, mentally, emotionally creating many health issues.

3. Having imbalanced lifestyle.
Not having proper balance in our diet and having unhealthy food can also damage your hair badly. Present generation is busy with drinking and smoking decreasing their age.

4. Pollution
Of course dust and dirt have an adverse effect on your hairs and the worst thing is you cannot escape from it. All day working in the environment in the direct sunlight also harms us.

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Lists of hair oil

Here, is a list of some of the best oils for hair growth in men from which you can pick according to your choice and requirement. Best hair oil for men that prevents hair loss

1. Avocado oil.
This oil is very effective and is mostly used for skin and health care products as well as beauty products. It deeply nourishes your scalp rather than making your hairs oily. The monounsaturated fats make this oil a great solution for dry skin. It also helps in preventing dandruffs and makes our hair healthy.

2. Coconut oil.
From ancient times this oil has been popularized. This is the most adoptable hair ol for any skin type. It helps in preventing dandruff. It also helps in getting rid of from dry scalp. It is also responsible for instant hair growth.

3. Jojoba oil
This oil is very helpful in repair and damage control. This oil is absorbed within the roots and leaves no deposits on the scalp. It is also non greasy and non sticky oil. We can use this oil on a daily basis.

4. Almond oil
This oil is the most promising oil for hair re growth. Continuous use of this oil can grow your instantly. Using it for few months and you can see the desired results.

5. Olive oil.
This oil is used as a natural conditioner. It is also a good option of sensitive hairs. This oil has less weight and therefore does not come to our head and deeply nourishes our hair.


1. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil.

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil contains herbs like pure bhringraj, tesu, amla, mulethi, coconut oil, and goat milk. These ingredients helps to give your hair more life. Our hairs are now more fresh, silky, shiny, healthy, and gorgeous. It nourishes your scalp, strengthens your hair, promotes hair growth. From one use you can feel the change.
• Light and Non-sticky
• Controls hair fall
• Travel-friendly packaging
• Affordable
• Pleasant fragrance

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2. Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil
Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil is the only oil that has been certified by internationally renowned Anthony Pearce Trichology. It prevents hair fall and breakage. This oil contains 21 Ayurvedic Herbs like Bhringraja, Amalaki, Methi, Brahmi, Japa, Lodhra, Manjistha, Jatamansi. This oil is helpful in dandruff control and stops graying of hairs. Best hair oil for men that prevents hair loss
• Reduces hair fall
• No side effects
• Affordable and makes your hair thicker

2. Nivr Intensive Hair Growth Oil
This oil is the best solution for hair damage, hair breakage, and scalp dryness, along with many other hair issues. It contains 6 herbs that moisturize your hair: Neeli, Amla, Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, Mint Oil, and Jojoba Oil. This oil is certified by the ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India.
• Suitable for all hair types
• Makes your hair thicker
• Treats scalp dryness
• Reduces hair fall
• Affordable

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4. Khadi Natural Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil
This oil gives you long, thick, and healthy hair. This oil contains rosemary and henna that soothe your scalp. It gives shine to your dull hairs and increases hair growth. This oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth even on balding scalps. It also makes your hair soft, silky, shiny and smooth.
• Non-sticky
• Non-greasy
• Prevents split ends and breakage
• Conditions your hair
• Quick results
• Not suitable for all hair types

5. Satthwa Hair Oil

Satthwa hair oil has a power of 9 different oils in one. It prevents hair loss, premature graying, dry hair, split-ends, or dryness. The consists of castor oil, olive oil, emu oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and amla oil, all have excellent properties to prevent hair fall and boost hair –regrowth. Vitamin E is also gives your hair additional shine and growth.
• Gives your hair natural shine
• Prevents hair fall and damage control
• Combination of 9 different oils makes it more versatile.

• Available online.
Price: A 100 mL bottle of Sattwa hair oil will cost you Rs. 599.

6. Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Hot Oil
This oil helps us to prevent drying of hairs during the winter. It reduces dryness and nourishes damaged hair and makes it soft, silky, and healthy. It contains rare deep conditioning herbs like white thyme, black pepper, hibiscus, and malkangani extracts.
• It has some special warming oils
• Nourishes your hair
• Relieves headache and stress
• Reduces hair fall and spilt ends

• Pungent fragrance

7. Indus Valley Bio Organic Grow Out Hair Oil
This oil is made from premium herbs, natural extracts, and essential oils like centella, nettle, bulb onion, false daisy, and clove oil. These ingredients help promoting new hair growth and strengthening the hair. This innovative oil prevents hair loss, dandruff, breakage, and split ends.
• Best results are seen within weeks
• Boost hair growth
• Nourishes weak and dry hair
• Affordable
• Not for all skin types so first test before using.

8. Himalaya Herbals Hair Oil
Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil is designed for dry, damaged, and falling hair. This oil is enriched with the goodness of bhringraj and Amalaki that strengthen your roots to promote healthy hair growth. It contains phytochemicals that are effective in treating hair loss and various other scalp conditions. This protein-rich hair oil treats balding spots and rebuilds the strength and vitality of limp and fragile hair strands.
• Adds shine to your hair
• Prevents dryness and hair damage
• Nourishes your scalp for longer time
• Light
• Non-sticky
• No side effects.
• Delayed results

9. Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil
This oil is made of natural herbs and Ayurvedic plants that help in promoting hair growth. It have goodness of ingredients like bhringraj, Amalaki, neem, and gunja blended into sesame and coconut oils. These ingredients reduce hair fall and hair breakage. It strengthens your hair from the roots to give it a natural bounce.
• Makes your hair soft and shiny
• Adds natural shine.
• Suitable for all hair types
• Quick results
• Affordable
• Pungent smell
• Thick consistency

10. Parachute Advanced Scalp oil.
It is used to treat unhealthy scalp. It adds a natural shine to your hairs and helps in hair re-growth. The regular use of this can give you the best results.
• Light and non-sticky
• Reduces hair fall
• Adds natural shine
• Controls dandruff
• Quick results
• Availability issues

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