How to get rid of from unwanted hairs with laser hair treatment

Keeping yourself free from hair is still a challenge. There are many methods of hair removal, including shaving, waxing, and electrolysis and if you are tired of waxing and shaving and now want a better solution, then what about LASER HAIR TREATMENT. This productive technique will help you to get rid-off from the unwanted body hairs. Let’s know more about this!. Beginners guide to get rid of from unwanted hairs with laser hair treatment

What is laser hair treatment?

This very popular and effective process is used to remove the body hairs by exposing concentrated beam of light. This process is very common in USA for cosmetic procedure. Among all the different procedures this process is considered as the most adoptable process for the removal of the unwanted hairs. Since it is more in practice and is safe too.

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Areas where laser treatment can be done
• Upper lips
• Face
• Under arms
• Legs
• Stomach
• Bikini line.
• Hands.

How it works.

Laser treatment is done to remove the unwanted hairs from your body. For this we should go to a proper technician or doctor who is professional in this. In this treatment there are some repeated sessions done to completely study your body type.

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At the time of treatment a special gel is applied to the treatment area and glasses are wear to prevent from laser radiations. If it is applied for a smaller area then within no time the hairs are removed. I only take fraction of time to work on this.

How successful is this in market?

Talking about laser treatment it is very safe and secure. Most of people are now following the path of laser treatment for hair removal. There are many centers available where this treatment is done. Many new updates are also included in this. It is becoming a better option day by day.

Technicians and doctors also said that it’s a 70% hair loss treatment. About 30% of hair loss is not considered because your skin type and hair color plays a big role in the treatment. Traditional lasers work best on light skin and dark hair. Developments in lasers have expanded this to include nearly every type of woman. That includes those who have dark skin and were at risk for skin discoloration with the first lasers. A number of women have informed that the laser treatment works much better on the bikini area and armpits as compared to legs. That may be due to the type of hair in those areas and the laser’s pointing accuracy. The technician also plays an important role in that process.

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Where to Go For the Treatment?
The very first question that comes in our mind is where to go for this treatment! There are many places to go for treatment. But what bothers us that which is safe and best place for you. Some treatments are cheap but these treatments are very disappointing sometimes. In worst cases, you are at risk of scarring if the laser is in the hands of an inexperienced technician. Following are some tips that you should keep in mind before going for treatment

Tips for Success
There are some precautions, which you have to take care.
 Ask around.
 Go for professional.
 Go with multiple sessions.
 Follow care directions

1. Ask around :- Ask around from your friends and family that have they ever undergone the laser treatment. If they have meet such treatment then ask them from where did they get this treatment and ask all the necessary details. If not then search online and check the reviews of that.

2. Go for professional: instead of saving money I would suggest you that you should consult to a professional. They will tell you better rather than going to an unprofessional.

3. Go with multiple sessions:- you should have more sessions as the doctor would get to know more which process suits you. And whenever you feel uneasy with this you can tell this to your consultant. There should be a gap of some time so that your body can adopt this treatment.

4. Follow the directions:- You should follow the directions as per directed by your consultant. You should be very aware of all the precautions that you were asked to take.

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Virtue and shortcomings of LASER TREATMENT!
Let’s know more about this. Since you have many options to go with, you can shave, wax, electrolysis etc. Of go on shaving your hairs your hairs would be grown poky and in the growth of your hairs will be fast. And within no time your hairs will grow and you have to shave again and again. Some hair removal cream also helps us but it has to be done on a regular basis and the hairs grown again are poky. And if you go with waxing then no doubt you have to suffer severe pain because every time the wax strap is pulled out you know the rest. If looking for more better one then electrolysis can be considered a better option but for electrolysis the needles are interested to kill your hairs and it cause a lot of pain.

Laser treatment causes less pain as compared to any other methods and is far better than the above discussed methods.

Laser selects the darker hairs and work on it leaving the skin undamaged.

For smaller areas it takes fraction of seconds.


After three to seven session people found that they have permanent hair loss.

It can be easily done in the area without putting extra efforts.

Unlike the other methods this method is expensive. The clinic can ask a lot amount for this treatment.

Due to repeated session it takes a lot of time .since the results are not uprooted in one day.

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This treatment is not for all since it does not suits many. So this can’t be practiced by all.


According to the survey done it cost around $283 per session. In India it varies from 80000 to 2 lakhs and so on as per required. The cost for this treatment is decided on the following factors:
o Skin type or skin color
o Depends on the area. Is done for smaller or larger area.
o Which country you live.
o Number of sessions.

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There are some side effects observed after the treatment. It is found that some have the problem of itching but it does not last for longer time. Some scars are also seen after this. However blister is very rare in some cases they are observed. The following are the some side effects observed after the treatment.
o Scars
o Burns
o Blisters
o Itching

These side effects are overcome by applying the proper gel and having proper medications. To care of the treated area. Avoid direct sunlight. Apply sunscreen before going outside. Doing this can save you from the above side effects. Hope you like this article unwanted hairs laser treatment, please leave your comments below.

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