Alia Bhatt Weight Loss Diet And Workout

Alia was a young woman with lofty ambitions. Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is well-known and has acted in a number of commercially successful films. She’s come a long way in her ascent to the top. She was aware that losing weight was necessary if she wanted to launch her acting career as the movie’s main woman. She was 20 kg overweight given her height and age and weighed about 68 kg.

She has been successful in losing weight while pursuing her fitness objectives. Alia Bhatt eats a limited amount of organic and healthful foods as part of her weight control programme. When you think about implementing these minor changes, you will lose weight without even realising it. Adopting Alia Bhatt’s diet and way of life is straightforward.

Alia Bhatt daily diet routine | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Alia consumes jowar in the summer, bajra in the winter, and naachni-raagi in the monsoon, according to her nutritionist Rutuja Diwekar. Herbal tea, eggs, seasonal fruits, and some wholesome snacks are also part of her everyday diet. She also like lassi, chhaas, and organic milk, according to Alia Bhatt enjoys eating curd rice with a tablespoon of ghee, dal chawal, and other home-cooked meals.

The majority of the organic and healthful foods in Alia Bhatt’s diet are whole foods. She enjoys eating and never passes up the chance to indulge in anything sweet. She adores the delicious desserts made by Chef Kelvin Cheung and Pooja Dhingra at Le 15 Patisserie. I was sent on to a personal trainer who put me on a diet, the woman claimed.

Alia Bhatt Height and Weight Diet | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

  • Alia Bhatt’s Height is 160 cm / 1.60 meters/ 5′ 3”(feet inches)
  • Weight- 55 kg/121 lbs (pounds)

Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Alia Bhatt Favorite food | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Alia Bhatt is a great foodie also. On her Instagram account, she has posted images of herself devouring chocolates and aloo parathas. To maintain a healthy calorie intake, she takes care to forgo a meal after eating a diet high in carbohydrates. Her preferred cuisine, nevertheless, is home cooking, specifically dal, chawal, khichdi, curd rice, and eggs. The actress also eats a balanced diet that includes seasonal fruits, herbal tea, and nutritious snacks. She practises yoga and visits the gym frequently.

Despite being a major food addict, Alia generally prefers to eat well. Yes, Alia has been hankering over pizza and noodles a lot lately, but she has often expressed her fondness for straightforward, home-cooked meals and salads. Her favourite salad is one with beets. Without a doubt, the actress is in great shape even when pregnant!

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Alia Bhatt Dietician | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Alia Bhatt’s nutritionist, states that “Her goals fluctuate based on the brief she is given for every single movie.” When it comes to her eating habits, Alia is very strict. As a result, working with Alia as a coach is quite simple for me since I am confident that she will complete all of the tasks I have given her. Alia won’t let you second-guess her decisions.

She wasn’t always the glitzy diva; in fact, when she started her career, she was told to lose 20 pounds. Bhatt, who wanted to be an actor, shed 20 kg with the assistance of Alia Bhatt Dietician Dr Siddhant Bhargava in less than six months.

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Alia Bhatt diet chart

1. Alia Bhat’s Daily Breakfast | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

The breakfast of choice for Alia Bhat is a simple vegetable sandwich and a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee. Occasionally, she will also have a bowl of poha or an egg white.

2. Brunch refreshments for Weight Loss | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

She usually eats fruit (a bowl of papaya is typical) or idli with sambar for a mid-morning snack.

3. Bhatt Lunch Diet Regime | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Alia follows the Bhatt Lunch Diet, which consists of one roti without butter, dal, veggies, and curd. She can also have quinoa and chicken for lunch.

4. Noshes for the evening | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Alia’s go-to evening snacks are typically a banana, some kurmura, idli, and sambar, along with sugar-free coffee or tea.

5. Dinner Diet Options for Weight Loss | Alia Bhatt Weight Loss

Similar to lunch, Alia eats a roti (without butter or ghee) or a dish of rice with dal and veggies for dinner. In contrast to lunch, she also has one piece of chicken breast at supper.

The Bollywood beauty finally unwinds from her day with a glass of milk before going to bed. She always eats her last meal of the day at least two hours prior to retiring to bed. Alia does treat herself to cheese or sweets like rabri or kheer once a week, though.

Alia Bhatt Weight Loss


  1. How did Alia Bhatt lose weight?

The actress regularly visits the gym, where she works out with weights, kickboxing, deadlifting, and other exercises, among others. The actress also practises pilates frequently with Yasmin Karachiwala, a well-known fitness expert. Yoga is another component of Alia’s workout regimen outside of the gym.

  1. How long did Alia take to lose weight?

The actress, 29, made her acting debut in Karan Johar’s movie Student of the Year. Let us tell you that Alia had lost 16 kg before the film’s production even began. Alia, who was previously in good health, shed pounds in just three months.

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