Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a very common term and nowadays more and more people are trying to achieve it. Not that easy as it sounds, weight loss can be a major problem for people.

To start off with the basic things that you might have heard or read, working out and dieting are the key to lose weight.

Quite true as well! You might also have started working out and following some kind of diet.

But do you make sure of it that is it working in the right ways for you? Are you getting benefitted from it?

Are you doing the right kind of workout? Do you also follow the healthy practices?

All these questions might puzzle you up as you might not have considered it in first place.

And by not considering these questions you might end up achieving nothing even after waking up every day, changing into your gym apparels, and going there to work out and sweat.

It becomes very de-motivating that even after doing all these things, all of your hard work is in vain.

You might wonder what the other person who started off at the same time with you, performing all the same exercises, having the same workout routine for weeks, have reduced few pounds of their weight and your weight hasn’t even budged a little.

Well, there can be various reasons behind it as we all are different and our bodies and lifestyle are also different from each other.

To explain this stuff to you and help you get back to the grind, we bring you 7 surprising reasons which you might be facing if you are also not able to lose your weight.

Here you Go:

1. Sleeping too Little:

Never thought of sleep is an important factor for weight loss right? Well, it is! Most of the time we ignore the fact that sleep is equally important part of the routine as diet and workout are.

It keeps your body at rest, heals your muscles and regains all its energy. Most of the mental and physical growth of the body happens when we are asleep.

If you don’t try to get enough sleep then it could be one of the reasons why you are not losing your weight.

Approximate 8 hours of sleep is required for every individual and it is scientifically proved.

Try to cut-off your some time which you send daily on your mobile phones, laptops or television and incorporate that time in your sleep. It will also help you solve many health problems.

2. Thyroid Imbalance:

Our body has a thyroid gland that produces thyroid hormone. If there’s an imbalance then the required amount of thyroid hormones is not produced in our body. This may affect our weight.

There might be a possibility of you having an imbalance in the thyroid gland which may affect your weight loss regime.

Go to your doctor for a blood checkup and get your thyroid function checked.

There is a case of hypothyroidism where the required amount of thyroid hormones is not produced thus resulting in weight gain. Take appropriate measures to bring it in control.

3. Under-Eating?

If you feel like dieting is necessary for the weight loss then yes it is. But it doesn’t mean that you need to starve on food.

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you only have to eat 1 meal a day and skip the rest. This can totally go wrong.

Instead, try to have all the 3 meals along with snacks but make sure that each one contains all the healthy items and make a note of the calorie intake you have per meal.

This will help our body get the right amount of nutrients and help you boost your weight loss.

When you under-eat or starve your body’s metabolism gets dropped and then whatever small amount of food that you eat is fully utilized by the body to gain energy and thus by eating very little may add up to your weight instead of losing.

So it’s better to have a proper and balanced diet plan and healthy meal.

4. Sitting all Day Long:

Another very prevalent reason for not losing weight is sitting all day long. Nowadays we live a life where we have to sit for more than 6 hours a day. This can lead to the accumulation of fat over belly areas.

So even if you work out every day, it won’t account for your weight loss because you are sending major time of your day in sitting.

It is studied that when you are moving, the body releases certain molecules which account in the digestion of fat and sugars, this doesn’t let the fat accumulate.

So whenever you get a chance, try moving around while talking on the phone or after having a lunch break or you can even walk the small distances from your home.

All these will help you boost your weight loss along with your workout and your diet.

5. Risen Cortisol Levels:

Cortisol is the stress hormone in our body. Whenever we feel stressed or anxious, the level of this hormone rises up.

It should be a temporary thing as when the stress goes away, the level of the hormone should also drop. But if it constantly stays high, then there might be a phase where you are suffering from anxiety and stress.

You need to check on that. This can hinder your weight loss process and also may result in weight gain.

So to avoid it, if you constantly feel stressed, then try to calm yourself down by meditating or going for a walk or listening to soothing music.

Find out the way which works best for you and follow it to reduce your stress and thus, stay fit.

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6. Just doing cardio:

Cardio must not be your entire work out; instead, you can make it a part of your workout routine throughout the week.

Yes, doing cardio helps in losing weight but only sticking to it won’t help.

You need to explore more like try our weight lifting once in a week. It will help you burn more calories in long run and also help you build lean muscle mass.

It will increase your workout capacity thus your body will require more fuel so it will start using up all the stored fat.

So explore various things like running, yoga, aerobics and stuff and it will help you boost your weight loss regime.

7. Not having Enough Protein:

Protein is something that will help you with weight loss. Now you might think that how actually is this going to work.

Well, let me tell you that when you have more amount of protein, you feel satisfied and that prevents you from consuming a lot of calories.

Also, if there is more amount of protein in the food you eat then it will help your body to get more energy to perform its functions and burn more fat.

Whenever you feel hungry try to keep a handful amount of almonds with you. You can easily munch on them and you will feel fuller till the next meal.

This will help you always eat healthily and avoid junk food and ultimately save you from adding calories to your body.

I hope that now it might be clear to you that why is your workout going all in vain and you might have figured out the reason for this failure.

Try to work on the things mentioned above and notice the change. And always have faith in yourself.

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