Best Tips How to Bike in the Heat

Summers are characterized by intense heat and high temperatures, especially in tropical and desert areas where daytime highs of 40–45 °C are common. Particularly for bikers, summers may be rather annoying and problematic. The worst time to ride a bike is in the summer when the heat and terrible traffic are coupled. Even the health of a biker might suffer from the heat. Therefore, it is advised that you adhere to these suggestions to make your bike ride bearable in the heat.

// Best Tips How to Bike in the Heat:-

1. Select Correct Clothing | How to Bike in the Heat

  • Finding clothing that shields us from the sun and heat while remaining as lightweight and breathable as possible is vital. In hot weather, a jersey or bib shorts made of heavy, thick, and unbreathable fabrics gather perspiration but do not effectively drain it away, making the clothing heavier and more uncomfortable and impeding our body’s capacity to regulate its own temperature.
  • They provide outstanding breathability, lightness, and sun protection. They immediately wick away perspiration to keep our skin dry by absorbing it.
  • White marks on jerseys and bib shorts are typical on hot days or when a cyclist perspires a lot. These are the salts that are expelled with sweat.

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How to Bike in the Heat

2. Keep hydrated | How to Bike in the Heat

While outside in the sun, always have water bottles with you. The body tends to sweat a lot during the summer to help it cool off. 2-3% of your body fluids are lost in the process. You could get heat exhaustion or, worse, a heat stroke if these fluids aren’t supplied! Frequent hydration can help you avoid being exhausted. If you start to feel uneasy while riding, stop your bike, drink some water, and then take some time to relax.

3. Put on sunscreen | How to Bike in the Heat

The advantages of using sunscreen lotion on hot, sunny days shouldn’t need to be emphasized, but it’s easy to forget when getting ready to ride a bike, even though it might be the first thing that comes to mind when you go to the beach. To get the optimum protection, go for a high factor. Since you’ll probably be perspiring a lot, waterproof lotion can help it remain in place. For all-day rides, we advise bringing a small bottle of lotion with you so you can reapply it as needed. The thin-skinned parts like the arms, nose, ears, and cheeks are the most crucial. Don’t forget about the backs of your legs; it might be difficult to have your calves and behind your knees burned by sunshine reflecting off the ground.

4. Recall eating | How to Bike in the Heat

On warmer days, it’s simple to forget to eat, and frequently your hunger will be stifled. However, if you want to avoid the bonk, try to eat high-carbohydrate snacks throughout the course of your ride (nuts, malt loaf, bananas, energy bars), and also keep in mind to drink enough water.

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5. Donning sunglasses | How to Bike in the Heat

Protecting your eyes from UV radiation is just as vital as protecting your skin. To prevent insects, dust, or other material from blowing into your eyes, it is already a good idea to wear sunglasses. This will also allow you to see clearly on a bright day.

How to Bike in the Heat

6. Steer clear of the warmest period of the day | How to Bike in the Heat

Planning your ride around the warmest portion of the day, i.e., starting sooner or later, is one approach to make sure you avoid it. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your ride when the weather is a little cooler and experience the impacts of extreme heat less. There is enough time to ride in the morning and evening due to the long days. Helmets are made with your comfort and safety in mind. Ample venting makes sure that cool air is blown across the top of your head. Remember that the sun can enter a helmet through the air vents, causing amusing leopard-spot sunburn for people without hair.

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