20 Best Homemade Hair Packs for the mesmerizing hair

We often don’t realize, but our home is full of resources and ingredients that are enough to enhance our beauty. There is no need to go to the parlor every month and expose yourself to so many harmful chemicals. People waste so much money on products made up of harmful inorganic chemicals that provide results that are not helpful in the long run. Our home is a hub for all-natural remedies that help you out. 20 Best Homemade Hair Packs for the mesmerizing hair.

Every one of us wants to mesmerize beautiful hair. But none of them wants them to become unhealthy due to artificial treatment. Here, we will provide you 20 Best Homemade hair pack that will make your look smooth and silky.

Banana Mask

Banana has the essential nutrients to make your hair look silky. Make a puree of Banana along with Mayonnaise and olive oil. Apply for 30-35min and then wash your head with lukewarm water for cherishing able results.

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Coconut Mask

Cream inside the coconut is not only tasty but has vitamins that provide nourishment to the roots of your hair. Take out all the cream from fresh tender coconut and make it slightly warm. Apply it on root tips and leave it for an hour. This will catalyze your hair growth.

Mayo-Avocado pack

No wonder why avocado is expensive; it brings along so many benefits that make it worth buying. A paste prepared from avocado and Mayo will uplift the quality of your hair and will make them clean and dandruff free.

Black Tea and Rum

This is a potent formula as a hair mask for hair growth but highly recommended for fast results. Brewed Balck Tea along with 1 tbsp Rum, massage your tips with this mixture and leave it for an hour. Wash with lukewarm water. This will bring out the natural shine and beautiful color of your hair.


Rip your Papaya. Remove the skin and seeds. Make a smooth puree in a blender and apply it on your hair for about an hour. This remedy is safe and is highly recommended by doctors. Even hair of kids can also be nourished using this mixture.


Henna is widely used in India for different purposes. It is highly recommended for your hair. It gives your hair natural shine and beautiful brown color. Though, it is not recommended during winters but can be used in selectively when needed. 20 Best Homemade Hair Packs for the mesmerizing hair.

Chana Dal

Only a few people know that applying chana Dal on your head acts as a hair mask for hair growth and can provide your hair fantastic nourishment. Grind the soaked chana dal along with honey, castor oil, and few drops of lemon. Apply this paste on your head for 15-20 minutes, and you will be mesmerized with results.

Curry Leaves

With beautiful fragrance, curry leaves can win your heart by enhancing the quality of your hair. Soal curry leaves as per requirement overnight. Drain out the water from the leaves and add coconut oil to that water along with a few drops of lemon juice. Massage your hair and rinse it after 30 minutes.


Hibiscus flower is always used in many ayurvedic oils for hair. Soak petals of hibiscus flower overnight and the drain out that water. Add olive oil and milk to that water and apply this puree on your head till the roots. Leave your hair for an hour and then wash your head with lukewarm water. Your hair will become freeze-free and shiny.

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Egg and Milk

Egg already has so many properties to make your hair look shiny and pretty. That, along with milk, provides remarkable nourishment to you to a cherishable extent.

Gram Flour

Soak some black gram overnight in water. Grind them using a grinder the next day. Mix beaten egg and one cup full of yogurt. Apply this mixture on your head and wash it after 30-35 min. Your hair will get rid of dirt and dandruff.

Fenugreek (methi)

Methi is highly essential for your hair to grow in an optimal environment. Soak methi seeds overnight and grind them the next day into a paste. Apply it for 20 minutes in your roots and enjoy active and healthy hair.


There is no need to throw overripe strawberries when you can convert them into healthy hair pack. Blend strawberries along with one egg yolk, milk, and 1 tbsp olive oil. Apply this mixture till the split ends and wash your hair with lukewarm water after 30-35 min.

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Not only for your brain, but almonds are also helpful for your hair too. Mash a banana and add 5-6 drops of almond oil to it to make that hair mask enriched with nutrients. Apply this to your roots and leave it for an hour. This will enhance the growth of your hair and will make them frizz-free.

Milk and Honey

Mix 1 tbsp of honey in a cup of whole milk. Massage your from root to tips and leave that applied on your head for an hour. This will enhance the quality of hair and make them look lustrous.


Grind one potato and squeeze out the liquid from it. To this liquid, add 1 tbsp of honey and some aloe vera gel. Massage your root tips with this solution for 4-5 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water after 30-35 minutes. This will provide the ultimate strength to the roots of your hair.

Egg Yolk

Eggs widely used as a hair mask. Add 1 tbsp of honey to one egg yolk. Mix it well and massage your roots and apply it till the tips of your hair. This will help you in getting rid of split ends and curly hair.

Lemon Seeds

Grind lemon seeds along with fresh black pepper in a grinder. Add this to dried rosemary paste and mix all the ingredients well to make a fine lump-free paste. Apply that all over your hair and leave it for an hour. Rinse off the mixture with lukewarm water. This will provide instant shine to your hair and will make them free from dirt.

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Orange juice

Orange juice possesses few properties that are capable enough to kill germs and genocide. Take the juice out of 1 fresh orange and add 1 tbsp of honey to it. Massage your roots with that solution that will help in the healthy growth of your hair. 20 Best Homemade Hair Packs for the mesmerizing hair.


There are so many beer shampoos available in the market, but the benefits of fresh beer are remarkable. Add one egg yolk to one 1 tbsp beer as a hair mask. Apply it on your head for frizz-free and shiny hair and last long.

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