18 Healthy Foods to Add Pounds Quickly

For a skinny guy, the sole focus of his life is on WEIGHT GAIN. The term ‘underweight’ puts a lot more mental pressure than academics could. Keeping this scenario in mind, there are numerous ways one could potentially shift from skinny to healthy in a considerably small period. One of the best ways is to have a healthy diet plan in sync with proper exercises to stimulate the growth of the muscles.

Variety of health problems are attached

Doctors may recommend food that aids weight gain to those who weigh less because of a variety of health problems attached to it. While weight gaining can be a real challenge, the following weight gain foods may help. Not just to gain weight, but to also boost overall health.

Including in your daily diet

The first step towards gaining weight is to assess your lifestyle and your daily routine. The way you live and eat also puts a lot of impact on your weight. After this, consult a doctor in case of any medical condition. If not, then you should start changing the way you eat and live. Having a diet plan is the most critical aspect. Monitor the calories that you consume and the form in which they are taken. It is advisable to strictly stick to your diet plan for a couple of months once you start. After three months or so, one can start seeing a physical difference. It will also help boost your confidence and motivate you to keep at it.

Milk is an excellent mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also serves as a source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium. A person who is on a weight gain diet requires a lot of protein, and protein-rich milk serves as a great source. Also, a study showed that when on resistance training, milk aided more muscle growth than soy-based products. It also led to improved overall results. For anyone looking to gain weight, milk can be added anytime throughout the day.

Protein Shakes
Protein shakes can help to gain weight quickly and effectively. The most effective way to build muscle is to have a shake post-workout. Caution should also be taken when it comes to premade shakes, which may contain extra sugar and other additives. A wide variety of shakes are available for purchase in food and health stores.

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Rice is a very good source of carbohydrates. A bowl of rice consists of about 200 calories, which can be easily incorporated in the diet plan with some dal or vegetables.

Whole grain bread
Whole grains bread is a very rich source of complex carbs that stimulate weight gain and it also consists of seed which is an additional source of nutrition.

Other starches
Starches help in providing bulk to meals and help the already listed weight gain foods boost muscle growth. It also helps in adding calories to the diet. Apart from all these, starch naturally provides energy to the body during training or workout as it is stored in the form of glycogen inside our body. Some of the sources of starch are:
• potatoes
• corn
• quinoa
• buckwheat
• beans
• squash
• oats
• legumes
• winter root vegetables
• sweet potatoes

Salmon is a rich source of healthy fats and it also consists of Omega-3 and protein. For weight gaining, it is a really good choice.

Dried Fruits
Dried fruits are rich in nutrients and calories. Also, they are easily available which makes them a really good option.

Avocados are rich in fats and calories and also in some vitamins and minerals.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is a high calorie and high fat-containing food. For a person looking to gain weight, cacao percent of more than 70 is recommended.

Cereal Bar
These are a convenient source of minerals and essential vitamins. They can be purchased and consumed almost instantly. One should pick bars with whole grains and dry fruits. Avoid the ones with extra sugar. These days they can be found at almost any nearby store.

Eggs are a protein-rich source and the yolk contains the most amount of nutrients. Having a few eggs in the diet will help to keep you feel full and provide you with energy.

There are various types of yogurt present at nearby groceries. Choose full-fat yogurt which is found to be a good source of protein and other necessary vitamins. Also, care should be taken to avoid flavored yogurt and instead opt for dry fruit-flavored ones.

Red meat
Studies have shown that meat helps in the muscle-building process and weight gaining. The caution should be taken when intaking red meats. Only leaner parts are to be consumed and in limited quantities. It’s known that fattier cuts are in less preference than the leaner cuts.

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It’s known that cereals and bread are a rich supplement of starch with carbohydrates that are complex, and they also consist of fibers that are an energy source to the body. They are one of the constituents of slow-digesting foods that help in gaining weight. Bagels are just extra calories packed. It was researched that a single piece of regular white bread consists of 60+ calories, whereas a small bagel contains around 180 calories. Adding some cream cheese and fruit spread to your bagel will result in an energy-stuffed and yummy morning snack.

Pasta is also one of the calorie-dense items. Top it with some sauce, and you have a delicious calorie-packed meal. A bowl of pasta consists of 400 calories and depending on your sauce and oil selection, and you can easily have a delightful 600+ calorie meal.

Granola can be easily made at home by combining with dried fruits, seeds, dry whole grains, etc. Add some pieces of dark chocolate and chips of peanut butter for flavor and calories. Store it in airtight containers and have it anytime. You can also carry it in bags as an instant snack. This is an excellent option as it can be nibbled on the go, which will help to retain the calorie intake without the big meals.

Oily Fish
As we already know, like salmon and other meats, oily fish proves as a rich source of protein and healthy fats required for our body.

Cheese consists of high amounts of fats and vitamins. If consumed in large quantities, it serves as a high protein supplement. Also, the fact that it remarkably tastes amazing makes it simple to be complemented with any meal for both flavor and add several hundred calories to it.

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