Effective Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

In summers, along with the unforgiving sun comes with a wide range of dermatological issues. Oily skin and hairs are the most common issues faced by many of us. Here are some effective ayurvedic solutions for oily skin. These ingredients are easily available in the kitchen of everyone’s houses. The remedies won’t take your much time from your busy schedule.

Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

// Ayurvedic treatment for oily skin- Ten effective solutions.

1. Milk | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Milk has healing properties that take care of the oily skin issues. Just take a cotton ball and soak it in the milk and wipe it on your face twice a day or at night before going to bed. For extra cleansing you can add few drops of the lemon concentration to the cotton balls and cleanse your face with it.

2. Orange | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Orange concentrate includes high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very good for glowing and radiant skin. You can apply the orange concentrate on your face. For that you need to squeeze the orange in a bowl and soak a cotton ball in the juice and wipe it over your face. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes after that wash it off with normal water.

3. Turmeric and Sandalwood | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Both turmeric and sandalwood ha healing properties in them. A paste made out of both turmeric and sandalwood can heal your skin. Mix same portion of turmeric and sandalwood powder in bowl, add some water or lemon concentrate or rosewater to it. Mix well and apply the mixture of your face. Spread the mixture evenly on your face and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Now you can wash the paste off with water.

4. Aloe Vera | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Aloe vera plant has many healing properties which can heal any dermatology related problems. You can grow a plant of aloe vera in the house for natural gel and it is very wise and useful. If not this, you can get the aloe vera leaves from the market or the aloe vera gels available. Aloe vera is great anti-inflammatory agent. You simply have to cut off the green layers and remove the transparent slimy gel like substance in the bowl. Mash the gel with thee fingers and apply it on the face and hairs. keep the gel on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and let it dry. Wash it off and you leave it on for whole night also. Aloe vera is the best ayurvedic face wash for oily skin.

5. Honey | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Honey treatment works well for specifically hairs. Mix two tablespoons of honey in one egg yolk and add lukewarm water in it. Mix it well. Now apply the mixture on the scalp directly. Let it settle on the scalp for couples of hours and wash it off with cold water and shampoo of your choice thoroughly.

6. Water | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Warm water helps in removing the dirt from the pores of the face. Heat the water till it become lukewarm. Take a cotton swab and soak it in the water and wipe the face. After this take a ice cube from the freezer and rub it on your face specially on the T are of your face. The ice cube will close the pores which were opened by the lukewarm water. This will give you slow and satisfying result, for this you need to do this once a day for few weeks.

7. Eggs and Lemons | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Apart from the name of the continental breakfast, this mixture of egg yolks and lemon concentrate is a great cure for an oily scalp. Take two lemons and two eggs and mix them well. Apply the mixture on the scalp and massage it well on to the scalp. Leave it for an hour and rinse it off with the cold water and shampoo thoroughly.

8. Neem | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

To make the neem infusion, boil neem leaves in the water and then let it cool. The infusion can be applied on both face and scalps. There is no need to wash it off with the water. But of it feel too strong on the face you can wipe your face with lukewarm water. The remedy of the neem is wonderful Ayurveda tips for oily skin and scalp.

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9. Tea Infusion | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Place the used tea bag in the refrigerator and let it cool. Dab that cold tea bag on your face especially on the T area. Tea has tannic acid which is effective in reducing the blemishes and cleaning the clogged pores. Clogged pores lead to oil build up on your face.

Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

10. Rose Water | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Soak a cotton ball in the rose water and drenched the rose water on your face. Do this once a day for a month. Doing this can reduce the oil build up and also provide a cooling sensation to the skin.

11. Multani Mitti | Ayurvedic Solution For Oily Skin

Multani mitti also known as fullers earth which provides you smooth, clear and oil free skin. Mix the Multani mitti with rose water and apply it on the face. Spread it evenly and leave it on the skin for ten minutes. Rinse it off with normal water.

Tips to Help Reduce the Oil Skin:

  • Include green vegetables in your diet and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to control oil secretion.
  • Wipe your face with a cotton dipped in warm water to take off the excess oil. Do this rarely and not daily.
  • Rose water and neem water can be used as toner for oily skin.
  • Use gel based and water-based moisturizers instead of oil based one. Also use oil free based cosmetic like foundations.
  • Avoid using oil removing formulas for face wash. Use the normal face wash and to control the oil wash the face with besan or atta that is wheat flour. This the natural way to control the oil.
  • Clean your face with lemon and warm water, a mixture of both in equal part. Dip the cotton ball in the mixture and wipe your face with it. This will take off all the oil and dust. Do this once a day or sometimes. Follow with pore tightening remedy to control the oil secretions. For pores tightening remedy, you can a refrigerated rosewater with the cotton ball on your skin.

With these all-natural ingredients, you can achieve a glowing and fair skin. Treat your oily skin with this easily available natural magic portions. You can achieve the younger-looking and supple hairs and skin in any time of the year weather its summer or winter. Consult the doctor if the symptoms are persistence even after using these remedies.

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